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Tanuj Kothiyal

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Recent posts by Tanuj Kothiyal

ok Amit i'll look ahead further keeping your advice in mind.
Hi Amit
Thank you for the helpful links
I really appreciate your suggestion, but the thing is my job profile stess is mainly on web services although i have exposure to web components too, its just that i have practical exposure to web services but theoritically very minimal.
So may be after this certification i can go for SCWCD
One more request can you tell me one book that i can purchase and rely on for SCDJWS, and how much minimal time the prepartion will take on an average.
Hi Ranchers..
Yesterday i cleared by SCJP 1.5 paper with 97% , and i'am looking ahead for SCDJWS.
Can any one suggest me the best certification book to start my preparation with and other course materials required(mock exams)
Thanks for your reply Ulf....
I'll look out if i can find the digest password option for IBM WAS 6.0 or any other way round.
13 years ago
I'am using basic authentication of ws-security only, the problem is that i'am unable to fing Digest Password option in WAS 6.0. (any link regarding the same will be a great help)
I have also explored other options like XML Digital signature and encryption(and got them working) but these all involve creating self certificates or use the default ones provided by IBM, which certainly is not the right choice for production environment.
What i require is implementation of simple security like ws - basic authentication in which either i get a Digest password or i'am able to encrypt the password before adding them to soap headers(may be programmatically, if possible)

any help will greatly be appreciated...
13 years ago
I'am using IBM WAS 6.0 and have enabled Basic authentication.But the problem is that the password is sent in clear text in soap headers.Although i have also tried using Basic Authentication Over SSL(which works), but is it possible to send encrypted password in basic authentication itself ?
If yes then how do we go for it ?
13 years ago