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Recent posts by vijay makam

We are using java 5 in our projects. With Java releasing new versions at quite a good pace than we can think of upgrading to, how can we use the new features of Java. We can always upgrade to the
new version of java/jdk but how do I make use of the new programmatic features. Is there a good starting point for us to guide us in refactoring our java 5 code bases. Also does java 7 preach something which was good in java 6 to be not so good or has provided a better way of doing them.
I hope the book "The Well Grounded Java Developer" has something that I am looking for.

9 years ago
Hi all,

I want to implement declarative authorization using jdbc realm in Tomcat. To do this the user should first be authenticated, right? I don't want to take the help of
tomcat in this respect as my org wide proxy/web server is doing it for me.

My question now is, is declarative authorization the right approach or is there any better approach to accomplish this.
11 years ago
Dear Deb,

I tried reading a .mht file from a servlet and writing it to the response using BufferedInputStream . I have set the content-type to "message/rfc822".
But when I execute the servlet a blank page is displayed in the browser. Do I need to set anything else.

Kindly guide me as you were able to read and send the response to the client.
12 years ago
Can I use jsp include(static/dyanmic) mechanism to include a .mht file in my JSP page. I tried doing it, but the format in which it is displayed is not the same as when it is opened using a browser.

The first few lines reads as pasted here:
"MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: multipart/related; boundary="----=_NextPart_01CA2972.D98D3100" This document is a Single File Web Page, also known as a Web Archive file. If you are seeing this message, your browser or editor doesn't support Web Archive files"

12 years ago
I am developing a web application which will have few servlets/JSP's and a lot of html pages (whose number will only increase in the future). Now, my question is, will there be any perfomance issues if all the html pages are present inside the webapp context or is it advisable to access those html pages as resource by placing them outside the web application context.

users will be uploading html pages using the application very often.

Any suggestions are highly appreciated.
12 years ago
I have a jmaki dcontainer defined on a JSP page which is subscribing to topic /foo/setcontent. On the same page I have a button which is publishing to foo/xyz topic. In glue.js I have defined a listener for foo/xyz topic and there I want to include a new JSP page in the dcontainer. so I am saying jmaki.publish("foo/setcontent", {value: data});

where data = {id: 'dynamic', include:"abc.jsp", lazyload:false};

when I click the button in the JSP, the listener method is called, but the publish is not happening to dcontainer (xyz.jsp is not loaded in the dcontainer).

Initially the dcontainer is set with one include <a:widget id="cont1"
name="jmaki.dcontainer" subscribe="foo/setcontent" value="{
items: [{id: 'dynamic', include:"xyz.jsp", lazyload:true, iframe: true}; ]

Is my approach correct, if not, where am I going wrong. Kindly guide me.>
Thank you all for your time. I got this working. Actually the tag was outside the form.
12 years ago
Hi All,

Thanks for your time. I got that working finally :
12 years ago
Hi Mark,

This is the error trace.

This is my persistence.xml file

Please let me know the steps to define a non-jta-data-source, as I have never used datasource anytime.

12 years ago
I am using JSF and JPA with toplink implementation in JBOSS. I am not able to deploy the application as I am using entity bean and jboss is treating this as EJB. so the deployment is failing. Can I disable EJB deployer in jboss as I'm not using it. Also, is there a way out in JBOSS to make it work with JPA with out disabling ejb
12 years ago
Thanks for your time.

As you said my myBean(managed bean) was in session socpe only. So it should be visible for a user session. But it is not working and I am clueless
12 years ago
If you visit Google or Yahoo's home page you are given options for customization (for your future visits how the page should look like) like you can select some of the news which are relevant to you like sports, weather updates, music, entertainment, business etc., Once you select the things which you like all those will appear each in a separate window i.e, weather update in one window, another window for news, one for stock updates etc., Each of these windows(with its own title bar and few other buttons) represents a portlet.

These windows are nothing more than different applications(.war files), developed independently of each other. The portal developer will install these.war file on the server and create a page which is called as a PORTAL. That will become a website's Home page housing so many smaller windows (different apps).

12 years ago
I have this code in my jsp page:

My Bean class has these two properties:

I am adding the empList with SelectItem instances in my bean's constructor.

The list is getting populated, but the problem is how can I get the selected option in the jsp page which I will be forwarding it to eventually after form submission?
Will not be value be stored in "empName" property?? Because it's not working when I am displaying it using value expression.

Thanks in adavance
12 years ago
Hi Ashwin,

I can use image or text in place of the button. My question is why can't I use button over there?
13 years ago
I have the below code in jsp
<a href="<%=buffer%>"><input type="button" value="send mail"></a>

where, buffer is the constructed mailto string with subject and body

I have two problems with this:
When I click on send mail, two windows of my mail client is getting open.

If I use Internet Explorer as my browser then the mail client is not getting open at all, but if I replace the button with plain text, it works.
13 years ago