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Recent posts by mahmoud saleh

greetings all
i have java class and xml file for generating report
and i want when user selects 2 from the combobox and button is pressed
the query string in the xml file is changed to 'week5'to'week8'
so i tried to add the xml file and the java class to the same package first,right? or there's another way to use code from java class in xml file?
but it doesn't work i used

here's the xml file

and here's the java class:

but theses methods will change the whole component not only the arrow right?
13 years ago
greetings all
how to change jspinner arrows color and JComboBox Arrow Color?
13 years ago
really didnot think of that
i didnot do such a behaviour before
13 years ago
greetings all
i have a JTextField For Inputting numbers only
when trying to input digits,the windos settings is to write in english
so Numbers Are Typed 0123456789
but i want when the user tries to input numbers it's automatically typed in arabic numbers,any ideas how to do that?
13 years ago
yes you are right
that's did it
i just want my application to run on startup without user interference
i will check the link
thanks guys
13 years ago
greeting all
i searched google for how to register a java program to run on startup
and find that the way is through a .bat file
but i don't know which commands to use to make this issue?
could any one help me please?
thanks in advance
13 years ago
i tested the code i posted and it worked perfectly
but people on sun forums says that it's such a bad behaviour to mix the ui
and the database,and there's no object oriented here???
and i want to know why this behaviour is bad,i see that it's simple and fast?
please give me some explanation here?
13 years ago
iam stuck on the similar problem
and i made a solution but i want to know if it's right

13 years ago
hi iam making an application that uses arabic words encoded in UTF8 like the following
String str1=new String( "مرحبا".getBytes() , "UTF8");
but when i try to run the code in NetBeans,The Data Is Displayed As ???
Although My Windows Language Is Arabic?
also in the project properities>sources>Encoding>UTF-8 ?
also in project properities>build>compiling>additional compiler options>-encoding UTF-8 ?
also i tried to edit the netbeans.conf file by adding the encoding
netbeans_default_options="................ -J-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8" ?
every thing is completely right but the program keeps displaying the words as ???
but when i try to run the same code in IDE Like JCreator The Data Is Displayed Correctly?
so any ideas how to fix this problem ?
iam using NetBeans 6.5M1
Windows XP
JDK 6u4
hi there
i want to know how to make specific column in jtable uneditable?
13 years ago
i just want that in the first code i posted
when NumberFormatException Occurs The Focus Returns Back To The Cell
13 years ago