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Recent posts by Nishan Patel

Thanks to all. Now I can imagine what Monad is..
9 years ago

chris webster wrote:Short answer? I don't know, but I've decided not to worry about it!

Long answer? Well, there seems to be a whole industry around explaining monads to functional programmers. My limited understanding is that it's a set of rules for functional behaviour, a bit like an OO pattern but based on mathematical theory. If your "foo" function obeys these rules then it's a monad and certain assumptions can be made about it e.g. about how you can combine it with other functions. I think one common use of monads is to encapsulate functions that mutate state so you know when your code may have side effects. So monads (and monoids) occur in other functional programming languages, not just Scala, because they all need to manage state changes in a controlled fashion.

But don't rely on my vague ramblings - this guy can explain it all much better:

Thanks for your reply.. It means a lot to me.

But here question is what set of rules functions has to satisfy? Only these three, 1) Associativity. 2) Left identity. and 3) Right identity.

Or functions have also follow other rule as well?
9 years ago
Hi All,

I am learning Scala and I came across Monad, I have gone through it but I didn't understand it. So here I have question what is Monad in Scala and other Functional Programming and how it is useful?

9 years ago
Don't know why Still it is not working..
I am doing the same course and also I was creating example given in the session. But I dont know why below code giving me error,

But line No 12 in code giving me ERROR "type mismatch; found : x.type (with underlying type T) required: T"

I have seen Scala after compile to class file and try to understand how it works, but it seems lot of methods generated which dose not give fair idea about it.



how these all above methods compile to Java class files with auto generated methods and how it woks ?

10 years ago

I am agree with chris and Khuma, Play framework will help you lot to understand web functionality. Typesafe also having database Slik where you will get some kind of data base related exposure.

And to start with Typesafe stack I must say download typesafe activator, where you will have provision to create different types of application with Typesafe stack.


then sat there scratching my head and wondering why I would choose this over e.g. the Eclipse-based Scala IDE?

It is very easy for new developer who wants to learn Scala with typesafe activator because Scala using sbt for their build system and for new developer it is difficult to manage all.

However typesafe activator gives you option where you can make your project eclipse compatible and start to work in eclipse if you want,

In Activator go to Code and then select the Open menu to open a project in Eclipse or IntelliJ. Projects created by Activator are just standard SBT projects so they can be used anywhere that you can use SBT.

Typesafe Activator

After doing this you can import Scala project to eclipse and whatever code you change in eclipse it will automatically reflect in your typesafe activator.

Hope that helps.

10 years ago

May be this will help you..

First Class Function Scala
10 years ago

Roger Sterling wrote:

Nishan Patel wrote: big and well known companies like twiter, linkedin, the guardian etc using Scala as their production.

Do you have a source for this information? Twitter has three 'T's. What do you mean by "using Scala as their production" ? Are you implying that their entire production systems are run using Scala ? Without references to hard facts like well-known publications to cite in support of your claim, its seems like a bunch of hot air. Do you mean to say that their development and quality assurance systems are using something other than Scala ?

Please refer Scala wiki page for more inflammation...

Scala Wiki

you can also use Typesafe official case studies...

Scala Case Studies
10 years ago
Hi Raaman,

Still it is too early to decide the future of Scala, however big and well known companies like twiter, linkedin, the guardian etc using Scala as their production.

Since last couple of months I was reading and following Scala/Typesafe and I feel Scala is very interesting and powerful language on JVM, also it has strong and mature JVM advantage. But don't forget Java, now a days so many applications running on Java and it is not easy for scala to completely replace java. After so many years of development, open source libraries Java language become mature language having lots of powerful frameworks including web: Struts, Spring etc., testing frameworks and lot many more.

Regarding the adoption of Scala I feel it is depending upon the companies whether they want to try new language or highly accepted Java. I strongly feel Scala has ability to think once when you start any project rather java, but it all depends on your requirement, whether companies having Scala resource or not.

As Scala is new language it is very difficult to find proficient resource in market.
10 years ago

I have gone though multiple posts where they have explained about what is implicit in scala, but still I am confuse what is it and why we make Play request implicit in some case like below and where?

I have also seen that Scala heavily using implicit as in API, and heavily using implicit conversion. I just want to know how scala compiler use implicit, handle implicit argument not passing value, how compiler will work on implicit conversion and all.

Thanks in advance.
10 years ago

I have been observed that if I refresh the post the count of viewed shown below at the end of every post also been increased. I guess the functionality should count only the counts and increase if the users viewed that post first time. There must be having some logic which check IP and increase count.

11 years ago
Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply. Based on your post I have deleted folder .ivy2 and .sbt from C:\Users\Nishan. That folder was created because sometimes back I was trying to create project using Scala and Lift framework so at that time project downloaded some scala and sbt library and that might conflict now as you said when I was trying to create Play and Scala project.

So Now I got the resolution and I am able to create Play 2.1.0 and Scala 2.10 project and run localhost:9000 at my local browser. Please mark this post to resolve if possible.

Thank you so much..
11 years ago