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Damian White

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Recent posts by Damian White

Has anyone tried the EJB quiz on JDC yet?
I'm not really a Java Programmer, but I got 60% which is pretty good for me

Take the EJB Quiz here!
18 years ago
What can I say?
You guys have been coming up with some great suggestions, there are a few that I'm seriously thinking about
Keep 'em coming though!!
18 years ago

Originally posted by Jane Griscti:
How 'bout "Two Guys" ... that's all I see in the picture

It would seem more appropriate I s'pose! Although there are actually four of us! That picture was the only one I had to hand when I was uploading to the site!
...the other two are ugly anyway
[This message has been edited by Damian White (edited November 07, 2001).]
18 years ago

Originally posted by Wasabe King:

How Bout:
"The Rubber BAND" ?
or "BAND Aid" ?

I like some of these in an ironic way we were also thinking of Arm BAND or The Contra BAND. I'm not 100% sure about the Java Joes, no one in the band is called Joe and I don't know anyone called Joe either!! Thanks for the effort though
It's funny that we have no problems with writing songs, just with coming up with a name.... I s'pose I spend more time on the songs than the name!
Keep em coming though....
18 years ago
Hi guys,
I need your help:
I'm in a band here in the UK called 'Usual Guy,' we've just been told that our name is awful and needs changing - the thing is, we have no ideas! Could you guys give me some suggestions for new band names please? Any ideas would be more than welcome
You can hear what kind of stuff we play by visiting our MP3 site here:
Thank you!
18 years ago
Hi guys,
thanks for all your comments, we are all really pleased that you have been able to see these designs. At the moment, they are all mock-ups so the text might not always match up - we can guarantee that when the books are released, the text will match And I'm certain that Bob Hoskins won't be authoring them. Oh and Simon, don't panic, your photo was used because of your stunning good looks not because you are writing on these books
For the multi-author books, we had been thinking of putting one of the authors in a red and white hoop top with a beanie hat, and then people who bought the book could win a prize if they found him or her, but we decided against it because it might infringe on copyright etc.
Do you guys think that they could be improved in any way? Which do you prefer, the new ones or the old ones? Would you still be able to tell they are Wrox books?
Thanks again!
Damian White,
Wrox Press

18 years ago
There's no need to apologise Map! Although I don't choose the winners of the books so I can't help you guys out there

Originally posted by Mapraputa Is:
Damian, sooooorry... I am not a member of our giveaway team (like if it were an excuse ) I suspected you are a Wrox person and decided to ask, so everybody would know you. Ok. Everybody! It is [b]Damian White thanks to whom we can win big red books!

Also, I don't know whether you guys have seen this but Victoria Large who is the Editor of has put up a pretty cool article on the Wrox Cover designs - Here!

18 years ago
Hi Map,
I am the Media Relations Coordinator for the Java Team here at Wrox. Amongst other things, I round up Wrox Authors for the promotions in the Saloon

Originally posted by Mapraputa Is:
Ok, then who is Damian White?

18 years ago
For those who don't know, Jan is the Brand Manager here at Wrox.

Originally posted by Jan Kolasinski:
Hi all,
Over the past few weeks, several discussions have taken place regarding Wrox: covers, multiauthor, etc...
If you have any questions about these, I will be more than happy to answer them.
So shoot ;-) (not me though, ... please)

18 years ago
Hi guys,
I work for Wrox here in England and I must admit, you guys have been keeping us amused over the last month or so with this thread Thanks!
We thought it would be quite cool for you guys to ask us questions about our books directly so therefore Jan Kolasinski, Wrox' Brand Manager, will be starting a new thread in the Meaningless Drivel forum today! If you have any questions about our cover designs, our Editorial Process, or even about where we work, please feel free to ask away - the more the better!

Originally posted by Paul Ralph:
I think Christopher may have reported back to Wrox. Check this out.
Paul R

18 years ago
Hi guys,
Over the past few weeks, I have noticed a lot of posts by people who have questions about the Wrox Editorial process. These questions are usually directed to the authors who guest in the forums and I don't think it is fair to ask them when they only write the content
I work for Wrox here in England and I think it would be great for you guys to ask us these sorts of questions directly! Therefore Jan Kolasinski, Wrox' Brand Manager, will go into the Meaningless Drivel forum this week and he will answer any questions you may have about Wrox! You can even ask him about Wrox' cover designs, I know you've been discussing it already

Originally posted by Ajith Kallambella:
I have read all the XML books published by Wrox and I can't stop wondering about the oversteppings. Consider XML Databases (by Kevin Williams), Professional Java XML and Professional XML. These three books have about 30% common content. What is the rationale in making the book FAT with redundant stuff? If you follow the career path at the back of the book, most of the times you end up reading the same stuff again and again in different books. This doesn't make sense even from the marketing standpoint. This is very typical of Wrox publications. If you look at others( O'Reilly, Sams, AW etc ), their books are very focussed and two books on the same subject has no or very minimal overstepping.
I personally feel there is a lot of fat that can be removed from the "Professional Java XML" .
Jeremy, do you have any insight into this very unique nature of Wrox publications?

Originally posted by chanoch wiggers:
i'm too ugly for even wrox to put me on the cover?

now you are being too modest
18 years ago
Chanoch, why isn't your photograph on the Java Mobile book when you wrote on it?

Originally posted by chanoch wiggers:
bottom right hand corner

18 years ago