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Recent posts by Paolo Righetti

I guys,
speaking about Architecture, I would like to know better SOA.

Where can I find a good Reference Guide,
and what is the best certification about SOA..???

I would like to have the experience form some
other architect that have alredy do it.

TKS a Lot

Paolo Righetti
Hi ranchers,
I have recieved the results of my resubmission, passed with 73%
here are the report :

Class Diagram (44 maximum) .......................... 38
Component Diagram (44 maximum) ...................... 28
Sequence/Collaboration Diagrams (12 maximum) ........ 7

I had a great help by using the this Forum..!!
Thank you very much to all the ranchers ..!


Paolo Righetti
Congratulations! ...

I have passed my resumbission just today with 73% ..

Paolo Righetti
12 years ago
Hi Stefan..!


I have resubmitted my assigment on 31/12 and the old score has disappeared the day after.
I don't konw how many days I have to wait... I will tell you about when I receive an answer...


Paolo Righetti
Hi Stefan,
Tanks for the link, I didn't know it.
This is my report :

Class Diagram (44 maximum) .......................... 20
Component Diagram (44 maximum) ...................... 30
Sequence/Collaboration Diagrams (12 maximum) ........ 9

I should have some problem with Class Diagram, I have also read that
one can loose many points if doesn't show some class in the class diagram.
And I have shown only the most important, now I will add more details, and
I will try with the resubission.

Thank you very much, and
Good Luck

Paolo Righetti
Graduate in Informatic, SCJP, SCBCD-88%, SCEA 1-81%,2-59%
I don't received anything else than a report that says 59%.
About the diagrams, I have provided the 29 Diagrams that explains the system.
I could understand if someone tells me something like, "-the system doesn't meet perfomance requirement", or "-there are scalability problems" and so on .. But speaking seriusly, a percentage about some diagrams, doesn't tell me anything. It is only very confortable for Sun.

Paolo Righetti
Graduate in Informatic, SCJP, SCBCD-88%, SCEA 1-81%,2-59%
I will try with SCEA 5, also because I don't know what to change in my FBN,
the result for me is that I changed my mind about Sun :roll: .

Paolo Righetti
Graduate in Informatic, SCJP - SCBDC 88% - SCEA-1 81% SCEA-2 59%
I failed the exam but I think to have the solution :
the segment represent a dynamic table (because it is linked to a customer).
the flight entity is better used to register a single flight.
so you need another entity in order to configure the multilay flght that the company offers.

I have added a route [city-city] entity (that could have 1-n flight).
By this way the searchFlight use the route entity and shows
one or more flight (lay over), at the same time it simplify adding
new flight to the most popular route.
You will have a segment linked to many flight.
And each flight (statically) willl be inside a route

Paolo Righetti
Graduate in Informatic, SCJP,SCBCD-88%,SCEA-1�81%,2�59%
Hi, I failed my FBN SECA with 59%.
40 pages, 29 diagrams (12 patterns).

I taken the essay before the assignment has been corrected (regular ???),
I done my FBN in 6 months, and Sun have corrected it in only one week.

Now I'm not able to resubmit the assignment, and I really don't have
any idea about what is wrong !!!.. I asked for it, but nobody have answered me.

Paolo Righetti

Graduate in Informatic, SCJP, SCBCD 88%, SCEA-1�Part 81%
Hi, have a question about the management of session in EJB Tier.
I wrote (Core J2EE and Blueprints) that in HttpSession there will be just a reference to the EJB (in my case a SFSB).
But using a Business Delgate (with the Service Locator), I will put in HttpSession the ID given by the Service Locator back to Business Delegate
and finally to the Client (an Application Controller).
In this architecture i will have many Business Delegate.

How can I makes different SFSB (behind different Business Delegate) able to talk each other?
In other hand how a SFSB will be able to call another SFSB without going to the Web Tier (Service Locator) ???

Note : I seen in the diagram that show the relation among the patters (Core J2EE Pattrens See Figure 5.2 on page 132.)
[Application Service]- - <<USES>> - ->[Business Delegate]
But if I deploy in different JVM my WEb and EJB Tier ???