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Recent posts by dimple bav

Hi Prithivi

Before you suggested me to practice the codes of I/O files i had done with it. So by coding i am able to understand it.

lets see i ll just go through for generics and discuss if any problems.

And hey thanks for the reply and i follow the way you suggested.

I am suppose to give exam by June.

Hi all

I am finding difficulty with the chapters of Threads , Generics and collection , I/O files.

I am revising and coding some ex but still if anyone can just guide about to study with this chapters.

Thank you.

Thanks a lot for the notes.

I would request you if can just upload all the chapters with the pdf format.

It would be comfortable for us to download and read them.
I know the line

c instance of A ------------- is incorrect

Since class C do not extend A .

When i compile the code i get the error that they are inconvertible types which is fine.

But same code when i run means---------- java MyInstance --------- it gives me the desired output

Which should not be obtained.

You can try:

First compile the code we get an error

In spite of the error run the code output is obtained.

I am not able to understand how come the code runs fine in spirte of compile error.

Hi all,


During compilation error called inconvertible types.

There is no relation between class A and class C.

Then c instance of A line seems to be false.

But when i run the code seems to be no error.

Thank you.
Hey ,

Even i would like to join.

I have just finished revising my chapters upto 5.

I am on 6 I/O which is very difficult for me .

Lets see how things work out.

Let me know.

Hey Neha ,

Congrats for such a good score.

Good to have 96% .

But i think your concepts are crystal clear.

Because i know since i have gone through some of your explaination .

So best of luck for your interview.

Now enjoy the success.
14 years ago
i know that interface is used to just declare the methods but dont know what to implement .

In short abstract

But is my code correct ?
i had tried .

But i was not sure about instantiation related to static .

Thank you for clearing my doubt.
I think if the inner class is static i.e

if class B is static ?

even though it doesnt matter the

A.B ab = new A().new B()

Am i correct ?

Wouter Oet wrote:What happened when you compiled it?

After compiling error:

class, enum or interface expected ?

I had one mock question in which they had created an instantiated the interface

so i thought do objects of interface can be created ?

class B is the inner class of Class A

I want to instantiate the class B in the Class test

which means

i have to use dot operator as

outerClass.innerClass refVar = new outerClass.innerClass();

Its fine for one inner class

But what about if there is one more innerclass in B as

is the code correct ?