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I've just received the email from OCP Team .. I passed :-)

The score is not so high (134) and I'd like to know where I can improve my knowledge but unfortunately it is not possible.

Here my timeline:

30 June 2011: upload assignement
12 July 2011: essay
11 November 2011: I received the email

Anyway I often checked the Pearson Vue and CertView sites ..

On Perason VUE and I've seen 2 days ago (09 November) that the score report about the assignement "1Z0-848: TRANSITION (VOUCHER ONLY) .." reported that I passed the exam (even if the status was and is still 'taken'). The item "1Z0-866: Java Enterprise Edition 5 Enterprise Architect " still has the status "taken" and the score report says that the assignment is still in process..

About the CertView: the OCP Team wrote in the email that I have to wait a couple of weeks to see my certification status updated.

Best luck to everybody for the cerifications


8 years ago

I've passed it last monday ..

I studied the following:

- Head First Servlets & JSP
- Mikalai Zaikin notes
- Frederic Esnault notes
- Enthuware's JWeb+ mocks

It needed about 3 months to prepare for the exam but I had very few time because of my job.

I like the HFS book, it a very nice way to teach, but personally I prefer a more synthetic kind of book. Anyway it was very effective .. so many thanks to the authors.
MZ notes are very useful .. I think if you read them you can avoid to read all the specs. Thank you a lot (again ;-) I've passed also the SCBCD with your notes)
FE notes are excellent .. they are also very useful for a revision on the last day before the exam. I recommend them. Thank you very much
The Enthuware's mocks have been fundamental to understand some aspects I didn't understand at the beginning. Thanks to Enthuware team too (results of the mocks 72%, 64%, 78%, 86%, 84%, 83%, 81%, 78%)

I'm just sorry because I can't partecipate a lot to the forums and I'm just a "passive user" but I hope to help someone with my study experience.

Thanks everybody and good luck for your exams


SCJP 5.0, SCBCD 5.0, SCWCD 5.0

11 years ago

I've just passed the SCBCD .. you can see what I've studied in the corresponding post ..

In my opinion the minimum requirements are the following:

1) study a book .. I read both 'EJB3 in Action' and 'O'Reilly EJB3.0'. I think that just one of them is enough (in my opinion 'EJB3 in action' is better if you are new about EJB, I have a little experience in EJB2.1 and I preferred the O'Reilly EJB3.0)

2) study the Mikalai Zaikin's SCBCD 5.0 Guide, it's very usefull (if you want a high score may be it's better to read the specifications too)

3) get a mock exam. I've bought the Enthuware EJBPlus and it helps me a lot. I don't know about the others.

In any case read the posts of the other ranchers and the Scbcd Links .. they are very usefull ..

11 years ago

I've just passed today the SCBCD 5 certification exam ..

I studied the following books/guides:
- EJB3 In Action
- O'Reilly EJB 3.0
- EJB 3.0 Specifications
- Mikalai Zaikin's SCBCD 5.0 Guide
- Enthuware's Mocks exam EJBPlus

Thanks a lot to Mikalai Zaikin for his guide.
Thanks also to Enthuware team.

Both the MZ guide and the Enthuware mocks have been fundamental to reach this score.

11 years ago