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Muse Ran

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Recent posts by Muse Ran

Hi Ranchers

I would like to know, JBoss Application Server V4.x supports Oracle 11g database server ?
5 years ago
A plus B whole square equal to A square plus B square plus two A B
7 years ago
Wishing all ranchners
a happy Makarsankranti / Pongal / Tamil New Year / Magha Bihu

Makar Sankranti is the day when the glorious Sun-God begins its ascendancy and entry into the Northern Hemisphere and thus it signifies an event wherein the Sun-God seems to remind their children that 'Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya', may you go higher & higher, to more & more Light and never to Darkness.

To Hindus, the Sun stands for knowledge, spiritual light and wisdom. Makar Sankranti signifies that we should turn away from the darkness of delusion in which we live, and begin to enjoy a new life with bright light within us to shine brighter and brighter. We should gradually begin to grow in purity, wisdom, and knowledge, even as the Sun does from the Day of Makar Sankranti.

The festival of Makar Sankranti is highly regarded by the Hindus from North to down South. The day is known by various names and a variety of traditions are witnessed as one explores the festival in different states.

8 years ago
May be problem with your Ears, consult an ENT doctor
8 years ago
8 years ago
Then, you should not post in MD :-)
8 years ago
The End....
8 years ago
Head to East -

Benefits: Auspicious. Always make sure you put your head in the East direction as much as possible.

Avoid daytime sleep. Let the night food be light and early. Drink milk with honey.

Avoid reading serious or sensual literature straining the nerves. Repeat a few mantras to relax your mind before you sleep.

Head to South -
Benefits: Auspicious. The best position for sleeping is with the top of your head pointing to the south and feet pointing north.

Head to North or West -
Results: Dangerous. Never sleep with the top of your head pointing to the north and feet pointing to the south. Brings terrible dreams and disturbed sleep. You will feel miserable. Irritability, frustration and emotional instability will develop. It sucks your positive vibrations while you sleep. You will lose 50% of your willpower and your soul power will not increase while you sleep. Your physical and mental health will suffer.
8 years ago
I am Smart worker

You are Hard worker

8 years ago
wake up randall, wake up, improved a lot...
8 years ago
I worked in Liberty life, Johannesburg, South Africa for 1 year(deputed from my company). Nice weather, Road are very good, People speaks Africans, English, you will get all indian food - Securtywise a bit worry. Car is a must. Place is good to live. Al the best to your brother..
8 years ago