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Recent posts by Sujoy Choudhury

Hi All,

I would like to design a BPMN flow where there is only one single action the user can decide.
Meaning, in an exclusive gateway there is only one path, say "Done".
In business point of view, the flow will wait for a User Task.
When the User finished it task, he/she will say "Done".
The user have no other actions (This is not a yes/no situation).

So, can I have an exclusive gateway with one condition expression?

Thanks in advance!
10 years ago
because you tried to write a method inside a method which is not allowed in java.
10 years ago
How would it help me?

I searched for say's it could not parse.
How does it work?? really confused...
10 years ago
From my JS file I am posting this JSON data.

YUI Code:

Controller Code:

Bean Code:

The list is still empty. The bean values are also empty. What is wrong here?
10 years ago
The reason is very simple.

You have already created the prepared statement using your sql. And then you have replaced all "?" using setters.
After that again you are passing your old sql (which has "?" char/s inside) to the method.
If you pass your old sql it will use that sql to fire the query and obviously "?" char/s didn't get replaced so you get the error.

I hope this helps.
Hi Amritendu,

I have got few questions for you here:
1. Which version did you cover here JEE5 or 6?
2. I saw first few pages of your book, apart from the questions did you answer those with short explanation?
3. As you only have questions, did you have a list of good books to go through to prepare?

Wish you good luck!


When we are in a forum and replying or reading a message there is no easy way to go back to the same forum.
I think we need a button "Go back to [Forum Name]".
Brower back button is not a good solution in situations like when we are editing/replying some post.
We definitely need this feature in new looks.
11 years ago
You can handle it in the client side itself.
When the user clicks for the first time change the caption to "Running..." and programatically don't make a call to the server side again.
You can easily do it I guess.
Can you do something like

And read it in your build.xml like this
11 years ago
Thanks Peter for your response.

As per Maven's idea of "Convention over Configuration" why would Maven let developers decide where would they want the test folder?
These should be fixed as per Maven.

It's not a big deal, but anyway, thanks for your reply.
11 years ago
Thanks Jeanne. That helped. Now my Test class is getting invoked.

My question is:
Why didn't Maven create those test folders automatically?
But Maven did create test folders for simple "jar" kind of projects.
But for "webapp-javaee6" and "war" type it didn't.

11 years ago
Hi All,
The Maven (I am using version 3.0.3) archetype "webapp-javaee6" doesn't create any test folder.
Also the WEB-INF/META-INF folders are not pre-created.

How would I test my application?
I have created a "test" folder under src/main but my test class is not getting invoked.

What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance.
11 years ago
My answer was wrong and I guess I didn't read your post well.
I was thinking about the uri and not the POST message being blank.

As per the REST architecture, you will call POST only if you want to UPDATE the resource.
And in your case you are calling POST without any payload.
This is an interesting thing. Let me try this.
11 years ago
I guess you are using Jersey, and in that case Jersey won't be able to find the matching method to call.
As far as I know, this is expected but I would wait for some experts to shed some more lights here.
11 years ago
This is how it was configured and we have high end Linux servers.

Going forward this is what I am going to do. Just wanted to know before hand if Weblogic cluster was not configured correctly do we generally face these kinds of issues.
But I think, without profiling no one can tell.

Thanks Guys for your valuable comments.
11 years ago