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Recent posts by karron lane

marc, thanks for the nfo. i'll give this a go in the morning when i'm not so tired. i'll post back about the insert/delete too.

good dreaming to you.
12 years ago
well, i didn�t get very far. i typed my hello world app in textwrangler and now i�m trying to compile it in terminal. my hello world app is located on my desktop in a folder named Hello World which is inside a folder named Java Projects. i can�t seem to find instructions online about how to properly type a path to my directory if it�s on the desktop or perhaps i�ve missed something else. here�s what i used:

Macintosh:~ kll$ desktop/Java Projects/Hello World/HelloWorldApp.java
-bash: desktop/Java: No such file or directory

also, why can�t i correct a typo or add type into terminal? so far i�m not happy with terminal but maybe it�s just me.

will terminal tell me if there is a problem with my source code?

thanks, as always.
12 years ago
wow, thanks for all of the great info. i def have a better big picture understanding now and that's important in how i learn so your comments are very much appreciated. monday, we did hello world on the pc's in the lab. i'm going to set up my mac this weekend so i can bring it to class. i'm going to start off without an ide and then switch over to see the difference.

i enjoyed this:

<<<Actually, you might notice that on a Mac you can run by just double-clicking on the Java class file. But your Windows friends won't have this luxury>>>

i asked my pc prof about this on monday and he said dbl clicking doesn't work to run the file. i'm not at all surprised to learn that it does on a mac. hee.

thanks again to all, i'm sure i'll be back with other questions as the semester goes on.
12 years ago
marc, thanks for the thread, i'm going to try out the mac version of Hello World after mid-terms.
12 years ago
hi everyone, thanks so much for the info. i talked to my prof so i have a little better understanding of what my pc classmates will be doing. he said they will be writing and compiling the code from notepad. i don't know how that works out but that's what he said.

an ide is a compiler? do i understand that correctly?

ok, i think i understand the 'big picture' a little bit better but i do have another question. so, i write the code in tex-edit, and compile (or translate the source code) in an app like eclipse, et al, and then . . . . that's my question. after the code is compiled is it now ready to run as an executable (i don't know if that's the right language for the mac platform). will it then be an icon that one dbl clicks on to run from the desktop?

thanks to your posts i think i understand that another step is needed if the java app is to run online. that makes sense.

ok, thanks for your help with the big picture. i work better if i understand the process. we start coding next week so i'm very happy to have your input. this is a BIG adventure for me, totally uncharted territory.

i'm not terminal-ly experienced so will take the text editor route and will probably work with eclipse as it seems to have a rep for ease of use. someone mentioned a particular version of eclipse, i just downloaded the latest/greatest version on the site.

my understanding is that the class will be given 4 very small java apps where the code for the beginning and the end is furnished and we have to write the code in the middle. i confess i'm a little nervous about it.

thanks again.
12 years ago
hello. i'm taking a novice java class where everyone else is working on a pc so i'm on my own to get set up on mac to work on my projects. after reading and googling for a coupla hours i'm really confused. what i'd like is some info on the simplest way to set up my mac. i have no experience or understanding of java or any programming language. i am, however, pretty good on the mac.

am i on the right track with this thinking?

1. i can write the code in a text editor such as tex-edit.
2. compile in eclipse? (i downloaded eclipse-java-ganymede-SR1-macosx-carbon.tar.gz)
3. then what? how do i get the program to run?

a big issue is that i don't understand the sequence of events in programming, like what happens first followed by what. i found of lot of detailed info (tomcat, xcode, et al) but i don't understand how it all fits together.

we are also required to turn in flowcharts so i'm wondering what software you might recommend.

i hope i'm making sense.

thanks for being here, i was very happy to find a place for mac os x greenhorns!
12 years ago