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Recent posts by Jim Panagiotopoulos

Thank you for your advice and insight Mr. Nunn.
Jim Panagiotopoulos
19 years ago
I am currently working on my C.S. with BA degree and love it. Topics such as Data Structures,Assembly language, etc. are part of the curriculum. Java comes with alot of these already in the API.Am I really going to use assembly language?
Whats really in demand is J2EE skills, which arent tought as part of the curriculum. So as a result I'm studying EJB,JSP,Servlets,JDBC,etc. on my own in addition to my CS studies.
I want to get my BA in CS but I feel that it wont teach me the necessary skills for employment.Will learning J2ee in addition to my school studies be enough?

Any advice would greatly be appreciated.
19 years ago
Hi everyone!
I have a classpath problem where I have a database called wrox4370.db(located in c:\wrox\database\Wrox4370.db) that I'm trying to access with the MakingTheConnection class(located in the same directory).
import java.sql.*;
public class MakingTheConnection {
public static void main(String[] args) {
// Load the driver
try {
// Load the driver class
// Define the data source for the driver
String sourceURL = "jdbc:cloudscape:Wrox4370.db";

// Create a connection through the DriverManager
Connection databaseConnection =
// We made it!
System.out.println("Connection established successfully!");
// close connection
catch (ClassNotFoundException cnfe) {
catch (SQLException sqle) {
I have compiled the class successfully but am at a loss as to how to run it using java -cp and/or java -classpath. I usually get an SQLException."Wrox4370.db" not found.
My understanding of classpath is fuzzy .Does anyone have any insight into this problem?


19 years ago
Thanks for to Vivek,Tony,B.J.,and Mocca for your input ! I finally installed tomcat! aaahhhhhhh..........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
19 years ago
Hi BJ,
No apologies necessary . You guys have been a big help.
The file is in c:\tomcat\ExJSP\MyFirstJSP.jsp.
I can see the default page and run its examples.Do i have to set an environmental variable that i perhaps have overlooked?
My autoexec.bat looks like this:
rem - By Windows 98 Network - C:\WINDOWS\net start
I know that i have to set HOME_PATH=C\JDK1.2.1.
I'm not so sure if i'm supposed to change the classpath in tomcat.bat or in autoexec.bat though. lol!What do you think?

Thanks ,
Tomcat Marathoner
19 years ago
First off thanks for the prompt responses!I reinstalled Tomcat in order to get a fresh start.I think i've tried to do all those things and its still not working.Here's the response in the dos screen:
Ctx():404 R( +/ExJSP/MyFirstJSP.jsp + null) JSP file not found.
I'm pretty sure that because i'm trying a little of everyone's suggestions im getting thrown off with the directories and editing variables and stuff.Well I've been at it for over 10 hours now and i want to get this right! lol! If any one can give me a step by step installation guide i would appreciate it.
Thanks Vivek,Tony,B.J.,and Mocca for your input.I've learned alot already!
19 years ago
hi all,
I have displayed the tomcat default page but when i try my own jsp i get a HTTP 404 - File not found in my
Internet Explorer. i would greatly appreciate any insight.
19 years ago

Originally posted by Jim Panagiotopoulos:

Thanks for posting that website. It really helped me out!

Jim Panagiotopoulos
19 years ago

Originally posted by June Quin:
I've installed Tomcat successfully using the instructions on this website: http://archive.coreservlets.com/Using-Tomcat.html.
Give it a shot!

19 years ago
I see. So if the code calls for the repaint() method or whenever paint() is reimplemented you call super.paint.

Thanks Kyle.
19 years ago
Why does the author use super.paint()in this code? Any insight would be appreciated.
import javax.swing.*;
import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
public class Sales extends JApplet
implements ActionListener {
JTextField input;
JLabel prompt;
int total[];
public void init()
total = new int[ 9 ];
for ( int i = 0; i < total.length; i++ )
total[ i ] = 0;
input = new JTextField( 5 );
input.addActionListener( this );
prompt = new JLabel( "Enter sales amount:" );
Container c = getContentPane();
c.setLayout( new FlowLayout() );
c.add( prompt );
c.add( input );
public void paint( Graphics g )
super.paint( g );
int x = 105, y = 70;
g.drawString( "Range", 5, 50 );
g.drawString( "Number", 105, 50 );
g.drawString( "$200-$299", 5, 70 );
g.drawString( "$300-$399", 5, 80 );
g.drawString( "$400-$499", 5, 90 );
g.drawString( "$500-$599", 5, 100 );
g.drawString( "$600-$699", 5, 110 );
g.drawString( "$700-$799", 5, 120 );
g.drawString( "$800-$899", 5, 130 );
g.drawString( "$900-$999", 5, 140 );
g.drawString( "$1000 and over", 5, 150 );
for ( int i = 0; i < total.length; i++, y += 10 )
g.drawString( String.valueOf( total[ i ] ), x, y );
public void actionPerformed( ActionEvent e )
double dollars = Double.parseDouble( input.getText() );
double salary = dollars * 0.09 + 200;
int x = ( int ) ( salary / 100 );
if ( salary < 0 )
else if ( x > 9 )
x = 10;
++total[ x - 2 ];
input.setText( "" );
19 years ago