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Recent posts by Goran Markovic

is that means that you have an experience from Live Virtual Class ???
If so, can you provide me some overview, regarding my questions from initial post please.

Thanks Sharma,
to be honest I do not have much time available, and that is the reason I place my question here, to get a first hand experience, of the mentioned topic. I just cannot believe that nobody on java ranch has not took this kind of course yet...Getting little suspicious regarding that ..
Hi everyone,
I have passes OSMJEA, few weeks ago. However, in order to send me a certification kit, I need to get Hands on course requirement.
Since, I do not have time, or mean, to get 5 days off from work, and get this course, physically, I suppose I need to get Live Virtual Class one.
Does anyone can describe me (possible if one had such experience), what looks like this Live Virtual Class course?
I saw it last 2 hours per day (at chosen time) , but what it is looks like? Does it require some interaction with my self?
Is it possible somehow, to gain this course even If I am on work?

Thanks in advance
Hi, this it the date I have :

25-OCT-11 1Z0-866 Java Enterprise Edition 5 Enterprise Architect Certified Master Essay Exam TAKEN

20-OCT-11 1Z0-848 Java Enterprise Edition 5 Enterprise Architect Certified Master Assignment(T1) PASS

14-DEC-10 1Z0-864 Java Enterprise Edition 5 Enterprise Architect Certified Master Exam (Step 1 of 3) PASS

I am wondering why Java Enterprise Edition 5 Enterprise Architect Certified Master Essay Exam is not set to PASS but TAKEN, is this ok?

After login navigate to Certification Status and then Exam History. Here you should see grade indicator for each exam.

Once I logged in, I got a page with title "Authorization Verification". On that page, I do not have Certification Status label, nor a button with such a label. On the bottom of the page I do have Verification Form, with content :

Are, you saying that I should login here and then search for Certification Status or...

Also, regarding Certification Path I could not find out an info regarding virtual course attending.
Hi Janez,
when I go to CertView, and login, I do not know where should I take a look in there for such an information.
Did you maybe think on www.pearsonvue.com/oracle (my account)? In the ExamHistory of this section, I can only see my two previous exams (part II and part III of OCMJEA) which is taken.
Hi all, I believe thatif mails atrts with :

Congratulations! You have passed the Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 5 Enterprise Architect certification. You are among the elite 1% of certified Java professionals who have gone on to achieve the Java Enterprise Architect certification.

it means I have passed OCMJEA, right ?
However, I was wondering regarding this part :

We see you have completed all the required exams, assignment for the Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 5 Enterprise Architect certification track but not submitted your course details to us through Hands-on Course Requirement submission Form.

is it possible, that such a course can be taken as an online course or something? Because I need to took 5 days off my current job (actually vacation), in order to attend such a course.
Hi, this is my case.
I have passed part I at December 2010, and then I bought voucher for part II. I took part two (an assignment) at October 2011, and right after it, I took part III (essay), in October too, and from them I am waiting a result.
As much as I understand, completion of the Course Submission Form, should be taken, AFTER they grade my essay/assignment. It cannot be before, because, what if I failed? Nowhere is written that grading will occurs after taking course submission form.
So I need to be graded first, in order to gain any course, but still I do not receive a response from them, but only miserable email, to wait one-two weeks more. If there is any problem regarding a course, they should said:"Hey, you, take a course, and then you will be graded".
Hi everyone,
I do not know what to do with my OCMJEA,
I have submitted my essay in the October. I have sent several emails to architect-submit_US@oracle.com and they had answered to me, with a content of each email like:
We are sorry, but let us one-two weeks more for grading your exam.
Just as I said, today is March 12-th !
I am not sure how long I will be polite with them, and whan would be the content of the next mail if I send them, but I am enormously disappointed with Oracle...
Did any one of You have similar problems with 'them'?
Jeanne, would You be nice to explain to me clearly what should I do next, in a few steps (Like: 1. DO that, 2. Do this.).
I do not understand what course they require now, and why people from Oracle, complicated entirely stuff regarding OCMJEA certificate.
I mean should not it been precise and smooth. I am really disappointed by professionalism of Oracle, last few months.

Thank You very much in advance
on the page you post Course Submission Form , they said :

Who should submit it?

All candidates pursuing an Oracle Certified Professional, Oracle Certified Master or Expert certification path, which requires training, who have attended the approved hands-on course.

However, just as I wrote, I purchase voucher for part II practically at 2010, when such a requirement did not exists (and everything regarding taking exam over Prometric, went perfectly smooth ( )
Hi Shashi.
I have purchase the voucher for part II at December of 2010, and took part II and part III at October of 2011. No one mentioned any course, nor they did in an email they sent to me.
Now I am confused
Hi folks,
I have submit the essay at 25th October. Since on the Oracle site stays, that 4-6 weeks need to wait for grade, I send them an email, regarding my application after 7 weeks.
However, they reply to me with and email, telling me that grade of my application will be deliver to me within 3-4 weeks.
Nevertheless, it have been passed 7 weeks, and still not response I got.
Is it worth to send them additional mail, or just to wait for response?
What do You think?
Hi folks,
I was wondering should I send an email to suncert, when my waiting goes over 6 weeks from my essay or not?
Is any one of you guys, who are waiting a lot of time for response, sent some kind of mail to them?