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Yes u r absolutely correct you cannot change the deployment descriptor at run time and server only reads it at start. But is there any possible way that i can access the Bean of the descriptor which could be dynamically updated. OR if i am voilating the apps server specs, then is there anyother way to change the timeout of the cache filter on runtime.
14 years ago

I want to extend weblogic's 8.1 weblogic.cache.filter.CacheFilter to customise it with few added functionalities.
I want to change the timeout of the cache filter at runtime, while the timeout of pages is defined in the web.xml's Filter elements tag.


The timeout of the page is defined in the Web.xml in the Filter Element. Is it possible to change the timeout or any parameter defined in web.xml at runtime ? can i get access of the webserver's implementation of the deployment descriptor i.e web.xml?
14 years ago
Congrats Ovais..
i havent gone thru the test, but the is based on EJB2.0. and the J2EE Technologies, thats what i have heard from frinds , who have clared the test.
Is that book explain J2EE patterns as wee?
hell ranchers
i just wrote IBM 486 with 81% and now plans are for WCD. I have done some projects on Servlets as well. but foe the cert i have no idea.
Can any1 recommend good books for JSP and Servlets ..
18 years ago
Hi Joykrishna
It was 14" monitor.. I asked them for 17" infact i said that i can arrange 1 for my test but they denied.
They said 14" monitor is recommended by Vendors.
Dont increse the resolution b/c some exhibits have very small fonts... u wont be able to see a thing if u increse the resolution.
Regards Ammar
Hi Ranchers..
Thanx to all of u .. this foruum was very helpful regarding OOAD.
The paper is quite tough, so before attempting it, go thru Larman and Fowler atleast two to three times just to get the feel of Analysis and Design. Read Using UML's case studies just just not make your self rigid against the other two books.
Search the net and read also the articles and pdf by the experinced mentors.
Marks Distribution.
Section Title % of Test My Score
Development Process 12% 100%
Requirement Modelling 18% 77%
Architecture 12% 85%
Static Modelling 22% 100%
Dynamic Modelling 24% 66%
Design & Implementation 12% 57%
Ammar Fakhruddin
Thanks Deepak
But there is still a confusion, In Java every instance is of type Object i.e basically All objects are inhertited from Object Class. This shows inheritance; what else can an object be 'typed' by??
Still my question is the same.. if can u pls elaborate this??
""What does Fowler meant by "may inherit from supertypes", and "not necessarily connected by inheritance".""
ppl flying high jets do comment about this.
The questions emphasized on "MUST"
So it is not necessary to include acknowledgement in the sequence diagram. i.e u dont have to show the return.
Book : UML Distilled By Martin Fowler
PG: 82
Topic: Multiple and Dynamic Classification
(para 2)
In single classification, an object belongs to a single type, which may inherit from supertypes. In Multiple classification , an object may be described by several types that are not necessarily connected by inheritance.
What does Fowler meant by "may inherit from supertypes", and "not necessarily connected by inheritance".
what else can an object be described by, is Fowler talking about compostion. This topic agitated me and my fellows a lot. Can any one describe this complete topic in detail.
I am talking about 1998 edition.
Are their any major differences b/w those two, according to exams point of view?? One more thing, does any1 know website regarding this book?
While going thru the book some chapters are like repeating the thing againg n again. I get extremely get bogged down to some topics. Should i scroll the topics just having an eye ??
Can some1 tell me which chapters should be studied in detail and emphasized on.