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Recent posts by kiruthiga arumugam

Is it tough to pass scjp1.5 ..i prepared for scjp1.4 only...please suggest me
hi to all

catch(){//code ABC}

will this code ABC execute??
12 years ago
hi to all
I m having few doubts...
1.In the case of overriding static mehod of super class in sub class
while calling the same method in the subclass with the object of of type superclass.....which method will be called???

2.what is the order of compilation in java programming?

//method in the super class

public void methodA(){};

//method in the sub class

void methodA(){};

Are these two are different methods??

Thanks in advance....please clarrify my doubts.....
12 years ago

a package should have all related this about a particular class,so the import statements are very important for extending as well as implementing classes and interfaces.if you miss them while packaging by putting the import statements above the package statement that particular class will end up in error package stament should be placed on the top of all codes..

Originally posted by Tusshar Shah:
Hi All,

I have recently started my SCJP preparation. I am using K&B book for Java 5.

Source file declaration rules are given in 1st chapter pg no. 11.
4 and 5th point reads:

4) If the class is part of a package, the package statement must be the first line in the source code file, before any import statements that may be present.

5) If there are import statements, they must go between the package statement (if there is one) and the class declaration. If there isn't a package statement, then the import statements must be the first line in the the source code file. If there are no package or import statements, the class declaration must be the first line in the source code file.

My doubt is what is the difference between package statements and import statements. Please explain with proper example.

Thanks in advance.

hi to all

i m begginer in java........but i m preparing to write scjp1.4 on 6th october...i had gone through the sun webpage,in that they have mentioned that scjp1.4 exam will have short answers too...can anyone please give me an example for these short questions...please very urgent...
hi to all

my brother bought a voucher for him..but now he gave that voucher to me ..
can i write exam with that voucher?
hi accidently,i am in a state to write scjp exam coming 5th...i am not well versed in i am trying some mock exams and learning something in fast track...will i get pass? i want ot know the no of questions and pass percentage and time duration for exam........please guide me..i m very new to javaranch..