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Recent posts by vinoth sathi

Hi Dears,

We have visual basic application. There is small task needs to call java(jar) file from VB6 program.

Is there any way to call java with passing parameter from visual basic ?

For e.g There is button in VB. When i click the button it should call Jar file along with some string values. Once called wait for jar file response either true or false value.

I checked around google some says use Shell command.

Is there any way to call jar file from VB ?  If yes. Please share some e.g

Appreciate if anyone help.

Thank you,
4 months ago

Thank for response.

As you said, Catalina.out is writing only server logs. Not stdout.

So, i cant print stdout to logs\tomcat8-stdout.2019-11-07.log using catalina.bat or Tomcat8.exe file?

Why tomcat is enabled stdout to Tomcat8w.exe ?

Please clarify.

Thank you.
1 year ago

Iam using Tomcat 8.5 as web server for our Spring boot+batch war file.

In bin directory there are two Tomcat8w.exe(GUI based) and Tomcat8.exe(Console based).

When i start using Tomcat8w.exe stdout is printing on the logs folder like tomcat8-stdout.2019-11-07

But when i start using Tomcat8.exe console. Stdout is printing on the command window itself. Its not writing the logs to logs/tomcat8-stdout.2019-11-07.log.

How to enable/write logs to tomcat8-stdout.2019-11-07 file?

Appreciate if anyone helps.

Thank you,
1 year ago

We are planning to develop a new banking application to replace existing VB application project.

Need an advice which frameworks is good to use.

Our requirements are below

1) This is a web based application. Internal network access(bank user). Outside network(internet) cant access.

2) Application domain is Trade Finance systems.

3) Currently running in visual basic 6.0 version. Management has decided to convert into Java based application.Almost 100 forms are there to convert.

4) We are a team size of 4 peoples around.

5) Backend communication is IBM as400 host system. We are quite familiar with communication. So, There is no issue with connections. Using socket to send and receive the data.

6) We know Core java +Spring boot, Spring batch and Jsps,servlet concepts.

Is spring boot is usefull for middleware ?

Can you suggest front end page?

Thank you in advance.


Thanks for the response.

Firewall is open. There is no blockage at both ends.

I have few clarification:

1) If i use TCP socket, Which format should support as400 server either bytecode or hex or any format like ascii,Strings.

2) Other than  TCP socket. is there any other way to communicate to as400?

3) I have used JT400 api(read the table data from as400 lib files). But unable to find the class for socket communication with as400

4) As you said, IBM protocol. Do you have any sample code to check?

Appreciate if you can help.

Thank you,

We are developing an application which need to communicate with as400 host.

At java side, We write the simple socket program to write the message to as400 server. But as400 server side, they are not able to read the message.

Here are sample code:

Any help on this?

After tried all. I used to start the Tomcat service (tomcat.exe) instead of tomcatw.exe gui tool to start. After that wscript.exe was getting called. Still wonder why this was not working with tomcat gui service.
Is there any log on to use full administrative account to access system files?

Any idea?
1 year ago

I have tried with ProcessBuilder class to check.

List<String> args1 = new ArrayList<String>();
 args1.add ("D:\\test.bat"); // command name
 ProcessBuilder pb = new ProcessBuilder (args1);
 Process p = pb.start();

After pb.start() no response. not getting p.waitfor() method response.

Later i checked is there any blockage and found "Interactive services detection " is blocking. how to resolve this?

I checked with sys admin. no blockage.
1 year ago

Its not giving any error. simply waiting for long time to get the response from wscript. Is there any way to check ?
1 year ago

I have checked my code. Runtime.getRuntime().exec("daily.bat"); is calling

but not executing inside task.

Inside daily.bat has

wscript D:\daily.vbs

Its not calling wscript.exe

anything blocked to call wscript from tomcat ?

Please assist.
1 year ago

Iam developing one spring boot application. I need to execute batch file for one process.

when i try to execute in eclipse. it is working. but i create a war and deploy into the tomcat. its not working.

What is the issue? anything i need to add before execution of Runtime.getRuntime().exec("daily.bat"); ?

Please clarify.

1 year ago
Great Paul.

This solution is perfect. We did the same thing in our as400 server. Its worked.

Thank you.

I am using SFTP connection using JSCH library. It connected to IBM as400 server and able to transfer the files.

There is some problem in encoding the char. File contains the vietnam characters. As400 team asked me to set CCSID 1208 before transferring the file from source to destination.

I am not sure where i can set char set for CCSID in jsch.

Appreciate if anyone help on this.

My Code:

Iam building the spring batch application.

I currently developing with tasklet step with quartz scheduler.

Quartz is trying to call every two mins, but it executing only one time. next  time it shows  as below:

o.s.batch.core.job.SimpleStepHandler     : Step already complete or not restartable, so no action to execute: StepExecution: id=5, version=3, name=Layer5Tr, status=COMPLETED, exitStatus=COMPLETED, readCount=0, filterCount=0, writeCount=0 readSkipCount=0, writeSkipCount=0, processSkipCount=0, commitCount=1, rollbackCount=0, exitDescription=

How can we set to repeat(restart) in tasklet step.

Thanks in advance.
2 years ago