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Recent posts by Steven Satelle

It's fixed, and it's stupider than not restarting the app server

On Linux (well Ubuntu 10.0.4 anyway) you have 2 webapp directories /usr/share/tomcat6/webapps and /var/lib/tomcat6/webapps/
why? I don't know

I'd been using /usr/share/tomcat6/webapps. This is apparently the wrong one to use. I put my app into /var/lib/tomcat6/webapps, restarted and it worked

Thank you for the assistance, I'm afraid I now have to get a gun and drag myself out back, nice knowing you :-)
11 years ago
Yes, I restarted (if I hadn't, I'd take myself out back and shoot myself - as a mercy to the rest of the human race :-))

As for the logs .... de nada. Or I can't find them.
The only log in the web server showing changes is Catalina.out:

No mention of my app at all
11 years ago
Hi, I'm working through the Head First Servlets and JSP's (send ed.) book and I can't get the first servlet to work. Despite trying things I found in other threads on this forum for the same thing
I'm getting a 404 error when I go to the url http://localhost:8080/ch1/serv1

message /ch1/serv1

description The requested resource (/ch1/serv1) is not available.

Can anyone give me a pointer to what (undoubtedly stupid) mistake I'm making?

My system details:
OS: Ubuntu 10.0.4 (32 bit)
Tomcat Version: Apache Tomcat/6.0.24
JVM Version: 1.6.0_18-b18
JVM Vendor: Sun Microsystems Inc.
OS Name: Linux
OS Version: 2.6.32-24-generic
OS Architecture: i386

My Servlet code:

My web.xml:

the project (project1) directory structure:

Finally, the webapps directory structure:

11 years ago

vaibhav panghal wrote:no i dont know any hibernate . i just want something of the level of jsp and servlets . .

Hi, don't know if you've already picked a project, but ..... How about a web site with a db backend. There's both your jsp/servets and I'd advise hibernate for db access.

If you've already chosen, what'd ye pick?
12 years ago

R K Singh wrote:

Steven Satelle wrote:I don't care about Oscar's or bafta's or any awards.

But you would have not watched it if it was not nominated for Oscar.

I still feel Black and TZM are much better cinema than SM..
PS: I am fine if Black was inspired by some novel.

I saw it before it won any awards. I first heard about it from a review on talk radio.

But I will concede that the awards work as a kind of advertisement, I hear of films which I may not have heard of otherwise. Contrariwise I hear of (and watch) films I wish I never had!
12 years ago
Sorry folks, but I saw the film and loved it. That's it. I don't care about Oscar's or bafta's or any awards. I don't care if they are rigged or anything else, I don't pay any attention to them. But I would still recommend watching slumdog

The 2 films I would recommend from last/this year are slumdog and In Bruges. Both excellent films with great stories. The story is the film, and that's all she wrote

Great story = great film
Crap story with great effects = crap film
12 years ago

Martijn Verburg wrote:
I personally wouldn't want developers with active debug sessions on my PRD server, but YMMV

I can't debugging is off on the production servers, it was more for compiling source. I have an ant build. I already have a number of options I need to change in config files between testing and prod. I was just wondering was it ok to just leave the option turned on (come to think of it, i haven't got access to the debugging ports on production without messing about with ssh tunnels)
12 years ago
Hi, I'm (re)compiling a public facing j2ee web app. On our test and staging systems the source is compiled (using ant) with debug="true" debuglevel="lines, vars, and source" since I want to be able to debug from eclipse, are there any problems (security or speed related) with having this option turned on for the final deployment?
12 years ago

Steven Satelle wrote:hmm, went through it in major detail this morning, the file is part of the war, but when deployed to the app server (Sun App 8.2 on Solaris 9), it isn't for some reason going in to it.

Looks like it isn't an ant issue, instead a strange App Server or Unix problem

Anyone any ideas?

I have an idea, a good one Do Not take the quick solution!

I was putting an scp of the war to the autodeploy directory on the testserver into build.xml last week. I was in a hurry and hard coded the war path in.

A couple of days later I pulled the latest compiling version down from vss to a new directory but used the same build.xml. I've been wondering why that file wasn't copying? It wasn't in the old build directory! I've been compiling the app, looking in the war, seeing the file, autodeploying (using the scp task) and wondering why the file wasn't going in

I'd like to say I'll learn from this, but I won't. In a few month's Ill do the same or something similar
12 years ago
hmm, went through it in major detail this morning, the file is part of the war, but when deployed to the app server (Sun App 8.2 on Solaris 9), it isn't for some reason going in to it.

Looks like it isn't an ant issue, instead a strange App Server or Unix problem

Anyone any ideas?
12 years ago
I have a j2ee project which builds with ant and has done for a looong time, couple of years anyway. Today I was working on it, building and deploying to a test server when It suddenly decided it doesn't want to include a file in the project anymore. It is a jspf file, part of one of the pages from the frontend.
It is in the webroot of the project, up until the last time I deployed it this was fine, not it isn't deployed.
When I run an ant -v I can see the file in the process:
[war] adding entry topMenu-4.01.jspf

The only error below it is:
[war] No Implementation-Title set.No Implementation-Version set.No Implementation-Vendor set.

I can get it to add to the project by deleting and recreating the file and it is added, but on the next build it is again skipped over. Does anyone know why it is being skipped?

By the way there are other jspf's in the same folder which are always included

12 years ago
You could try creating a HashMap<Character, int>, setting the keys to each letter your interested in. Then iterating through each Character in the String, and if (key<Character> .exists()) { value ++; }

now, there you go in sudo sudo code

12 years ago
Hi, I have yaq (yet another question) for you on JasperAPI (3.x).
I can output a report to excel using jasper which is good, but I need to output to excel on a particular sheet, I have to produce a number of reports on database usage and values, at the moment I create a number of csv files and manually put them into an xls file. But I want to put all the queries into a jasper project and have them fill an excel file for me.
I've bought the Jasper books from jaspersoft, but the aren't very good a noob such as me and I'm kinda stuck, I don't even know if it's possible to do this, I don.t see an option to specify a workshhet when exporting
aye, it does do a tiny bit more, it takes in a filename.txt and sets the fileName to be fileName (minus the extension)
12 years ago
Hi, a quick question on good or bad practices when write Java applications

I'm writing a class which takes a file name as a parameter when initialising it. But I don't want the full file name, I only want the file name minus the file extension. So I have a private String variable with getters and setters. During the object initialisation, I call this private method to set the String variable. Is it bad practice to do this, to call a class method in the constructor? Would I be better to have as part of the constructor this code which sets the file name?

It is a total of 1 line of code - this.fileName = file.substring(0, 4); so it wouldn't really bulk up the constructor, but I have a preference for methods which do one thing, and methods for everything (I learned to program with smalltalk and this was the norm AFAIR - you never touch a variable, except through getter/setter methods)
12 years ago