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Here's the weblogic documentation proof of what happens when you close a connection.
it basically says:
"When a client closes a connection from a connection pool, the connection is returned to the pool and becomes available for other clients; the connection itself is not closed"
Depends on what version of WebLogic you are using.
You can set it up in weblogic.xml for webLogic 6.0
(WARNING: I got this from a Bea training class but I CANNOT find it documented on their e-docs. In fact the list of possible JSP-PARAM values does not even include the precompile option!!)
Or set up:
In ur web.xml for that application.
If your project only has jsps.. u should still have those files but they might be empty.. if not.. just create them in the WEB-INF directory or ur project.
For more info look at:

Originally posted by nico soum:
does anyone know how I can tell weblogic that I would like it to precompile my JSPs? Currently, users seem to take the hit of JSP compilation when a new version of the project is released. I am looking for a way to avoid this. I have found some material telling me to set this in web.xml but it seems that the project I am working on does not use such a file. I am new to weblogic and don't know what the options are for me.

20 years ago