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Recent posts by Kedar Gosavi

Thanks Tim for quick response.

The pointers you have suggested are really helpful, and would play a part in how we manage this situation.

We are working on different options/alternatives, and would keep you posted on updates.

Many thanks one more time, for providing inputs in timely manner.
3 years ago
Hello Friends,
I need some help to find out "Out Of the Box" scheduler, which can execute the code deployed on Weblogic (As part of EAR/WAR).

Our Current Environment:
1. App Server - Weblogic
2. Deployed/Installed on - SunOS 5.10
3. Java - JDK6
4. Current scheduler - Autosys
5. Standalone Spring batch - This is completely outside of Weblogic, as a different module

Current Process:
Autosys triggers the shell scripts at specified time for different jobs
Shell script loads all the jars in classpath, and executes a Spring batch 'Tasklet'
Tasklet then does rest of the business logic.

What is required:
I am trying to find an "Out of the box" scheduler, which can schedule the batches/jobs
Can trigger code within Weblogic (Because we want to eliminate standalone J2SE )
If possible - Have a UI using which we can track the status of the jobs.

Why Change:
We have been told that - Oracle is removing support for standalone J2SE in near future
If we are using Autosys - standalone J2SE would be required - which we want to eliminate
Based on our information- there is no way Autosys can directly call - code deployed in Weblogic

Tried to Find Myself:
I tried to find such scheduler myself, and got options of Quartz / Weblogic Job Scheduler / Timer with Work Manager.
Not in favour of writing code for scheduling/UI to check Job status / Job specific logs etc...

Not sure what is the best option suitable for my case.

Thanks for your help and time. Please let me know if more information is required towards solution.


3 years ago