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Recent posts by selvakumar Thiyagarajan


We are working in migrating a legacy webservice application (JAX-RPC) from IBM WAS 6.1 to Tomcat 8. There are 15 consumers(Created using JAX RPC)and they are not going to be migrated.

Question: Is it possible to migrate the service provider to JAX WS without affecting consumers? The WSDL and XSD of the provider will remain unchanged.

6 years ago
Thanks Tim. It worked after giving the absolute path as parameter.
12 years ago
Thanks for the advice. Now i added the scripts in a separate file. when i execute the script as standalone, it is FTPing the file as expected. But I am facing problems while executing it through the ProcessBuilder API. shell script is placed in the web-inf/config/dev folder

cd /temp/
ftp -n
quote user amwkui
quote pass amwkui
cd /home/data/
put todayFile.txt

Below is error i am getting when i run the above piece,

/usr/bin/bash: No such file or directory

Also when i changed the parameters to processbuilder class as below,

ProcessBuilder pb = new ProcessBuilder("sh", "web-inf/config/dev/" );

I got the error below error,
web-inf/config/dev/ Cannot open

I am not sure about the working directory. Is it the directory where the script is placed?

Please suggest on this.
12 years ago
I have a requirement to FTP text files to a remote machine(unix) from my application. My application runs on unix(solaris) box. I couldnt use any open source libraries to SFTP files. So, i thought of doing this with set of unix commands and executing that from java. I am using process builder API to execute the commands.
Whenever i try to execute the unix command, i am getting errors.
I am new to scripts and i am using RAD IDE. Please bear with me if there are any silly mistakes.
My code snippet:

cd /temp/ cannot open

12 years ago
The issue is resolved. Its because EJB got loaded before the WEB. Changing the WAR classloader policy to APPLICATION resolved the issue. WAR class loader policy will be available in deployment tab of application deployment descriptor file
I am new to EJB.
I created a new listener to the existing project. The existing project doesnt have a EJB and it have only WEB. From the listener (onMessage()), i have to access DAO which is inside WEB folder. I am getting the below error on runtime,

ejb threw unexpected non declared exception during invocation method onmessage

The environment I am is using websphere application server 6.1.

I tried exporting the classes as JAR and added as dependency to the EJB . But still i am getting the same error.
Please advice on this.
How to identify whether bottom of the table is reached when the user scrolls? Thanks in advance!
Hello all,

is it possible to set the values of f:param using javascript? below is the sample.



14 years ago

"Bind the each input text field with one bean property so that on form submit values will be updated to the bean and the values wont be cleared. "

i am using a backing bean for all the feilds. If i use <h:inputText> the value is not getting cleared. Whereas if i use, <h:outputText> the value is getting cleared on click of Save. Any idea? Any idea to update the DataTable using Javascript. i am not using RichFaces.
14 years ago
on click event generates a new value in one of those fields below the grid. Other feilds are entered manually. So, the newly generated value should be updated in the datatable as well as Database.

Also, i am experiencing one more issue. If the click the Save button, the newly generated value is refreshed,i.e. it is cleared.
Any suggestions?
14 years ago
Hello all,
i have a JSF datatable and few fields below the table. Also i have a [Save] button with backing bean.My requirement is i should enter the values in those fields and on click of Save, the values should be stored in DB and the Datatable should be updated. Without the Onclick event, datas are stored in Database. if i include the script i am not even able to save the data.

Can any one suggest an idea to update the Datatable as well Data Base(Back end) on click of Save button? Thanks in advance,.

Sample code:

14 years ago

Eric Pascarello wrote:well I do not see an x.document.close()


Thanks Eric. It worked after inserting x.document.close()

yes. any issues? i couldnt find answer. still struggling on this.
Hi all,
The attached code is not working properly in IE. Printer window is not getting opened if i open in IE. But it works fine, in MOZILLA. Please advice on this.