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Recent posts by Sumit Bhoyar

I am working on SCEA part 2 assignment.
However I am not able to understand some design related concepts-
> If my stateless session bean doesn't have fine grained methods, still I need to use Session Facade design pattern?
> Please confirm, 'There will be a business delegate class per session facade interface'.

If nothing is mentioned about concurrent users in requirement then is it safe to completely ignore number of concurrent users and in a way capacity planning?
Thanks Jeanne for reply.
I have seen many posts saying 'Failed due to - incomplete Deployment diagram/ Not mentioned virtual CPU numbers etc.'.
So I was wondering, which things are important in Deployment diagram?
What I know from posts from coderanch is that our Deployment diagram should contain firewall,load balancer, web and application server,hot swapable components,clustered database, LDAP server etc. However to me it looks like deployment diagram for any assignment will be similar. But that should not be true because in most of the cases this diagram has 40 marks.
Can you please specify if I am missing anything in this digram? Or if you have any sample diagram.

I am designing a web application. Suppose application has N number of users, then how to decide the number of users will concurrently use the application at peak time?


Can you please guide me about theoretical capacity prediction and where can I get this information?

Is it recommended to take the decision of hardware and network configuration after the result of load testing of the real application?


I am creating solution for my assignment of SCEA part2. Mark Cade's book mentions that, we need to provide theoretical capacity prediction in deployment diagram. However I don't have prior experience in capacity planning. Can I pass the exam without adding this point?
I will be great if anybody can share his/her experience if they have submitted the assignment with capacity details.

I am new to EJB3. Most of the time, it is recommended to use stateless session bean while developing the application. So I was wondering, do we really need stateful session bean in web application, where user's state can be maintained by servlet container?
As per my understanding, we should use stateful session bean only when service is exposed to thick client or remote client, where there is no way to maintain the user session.
Please let me know your views.
Thanks Sunderam for this info.
So this is my understanding-
Some JCA adapters doesn't support transactions.
If JCA adapter is communicating with single system and managing transaction, then it is set up as LOCAL TRANSACTION.
If JCA adapter is communicating with multiple systems and managing transaction, then it is set up as XATransaction.

Please correct me if I am wrong.
I am not expecting actual code. Only concept or description will be enough.
I have also contacted prometric center. This exam is still valid in India .
Thanks Asit, Lan and Mikalai Zaikin for your comments.
I will give this exam in a week or 2.
Looks like it's out.
If you click on SCJP url, you can see all versions of SCJP however,
if you click on SCDJWS url then you can see only 310-230 version.
I tried to contact Sun Training department, but didn't got any response.
If anybody knows about this,please let me know because I am preaparing for this exam from one month.

I am planning to appear for SCDJWS (310-220) next month.
My friends told me that this exam will expire in near future, and we can appear only for SCDJWS(310-230).I fear to happen this before I appear for exam.
Can someone tell me when 310-220 is going to obsolete?

Hello Ranchers,

Yesterday i cleared scwcd5.0 with 91%

Thanks to all Ranchers for ther valuable suggestions.
I found HFSJ and HD Books very useful.

I sovled 6 mock exams of one of the Preparation Kit but never got more than 60%, but real exam was much easier that.These simulators should be more realistic to the actual exam.

I read HD once and HFSJ twice and solved arround 1500 mock questions.
It is very important to read SCWCD related servlet,jsp api's and web.xml which gives sureshot marks.

50-60% questions was too easy and remaining were bit difficult.

Exam aspirants, please note- actual exam questions will be considering jdk5.0 and not 1.4, so if you dont know jdk5.0 atleast read about boxing-unboxing and new for loop.

There were no extra question than 69 questions that I heared before and exam time was 180 mins.
13 years ago