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since Oct 06, 2008
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Kerala(Gods Own Country) ,India
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Recent posts by harilal ithikkat

i'm sorry man..i thought he was trying his hand with simple JSP...
12 years ago
Hi James,
I used a recursive method for the same..

Is it a good approach???
Hi James,
Thank you very much for your help.

Can you please get me an example query of the same
Hi Ambika,
I think you posted your question in wrong Place..
Since it is Javascript Library and a client side technology,better move the question to HTML-JAVASCRIPT.

  • The first step required is to download-jQuery
  • next step is to start-jQuery

  • 13 years ago
    is there any Tool(like Toad/Navicat) to test my EJB Query?
    i havan Entity

    i have 4 parent groups
    and it grows as a tree as long as we add a new group to it.

    My scenario is: I need an EJB Query which fetch all the child groups
    under the specified root/parent Group

    Hi Priya,
    I think this URL will help you for trying the same in Tomcat/Glassfish.
    13 years ago
    I think

    will do the basic formatting....

    This will help for the further settings with Netbeans IDE
    13 years ago
    I wanna use Mondrian OLAP to generate the Business Reports in my project..
    Please get me some stuffs on
  • how to setup mondrian in Glassfish
  • MDX tutorials
  • how to provide security for mondrian.

  • Hi
    thank you buddy...
    about java bean datasource worked upto an extend....

    i will list out what i did for the same

  • Create a class which have a static method with a return type of Collection<Bean
  • Make a jar file of the packages ...all what we required
  • in iReport goto Tools-Options-Class Path-Add Our Jar
  • Create a new data Source-Java Bean data Source-give a Name:specify the Class Name of our DataSource Class which returns Collection-specify method
  • Test it and Save
  • Now make a report in Design Query you can simply get the Fields by saying the Class