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Recent posts by Pan Jain

Hi Moderators,

By mistake I have posted some proprietary information in my posts long ago. Got to know that this is not good practice and details should be deleted or edited.

Can somebody help me deleting/editing these posts:

1 year ago
Hi Joe, William,

Thanks for reply!
See I am creating session on Servlet say ST1. Now I am forwarding request to a jsp and my session data of ST1 is available in jsp.
Next I am making an AJAX call and calling another Servlet say ST2. Now problem is that session data is not available to ST2.
Its is creating a new session for ST2 servlet. I just want to pass my existing session to ST2 servlet. Is it possible?

Here is my AJAX call code snippet:

6 years ago
I have a servlet. I create session data in this servlet and forward request to a jsp.
In this jsp I am getting session data. From jsp I do ajax call and load a servlet.
Problem is that after ajax call session data in not available in servlet. What could be the reason?
6 years ago
Did a small change in validation.xml and it is resolved, kept properties under same form name instead of creating a separate form tag for each property:

6 years ago
I have written a custom validation class to validate special character. Problem I am facing is that custom class is just validating first form property defined in validation.xml
It is skipping all other property defined.
Here is code snippet:

It is validating placeOfBirth[0] property correctly, but some how skipping other defined property. No idea why. Any help will be appreciated !

6 years ago
I am also facing similar issue. I created a custom validator to check entered special character and maxlength provided by framework.
Custom one is working but maxlength is not working. I am using struts 1.2.9 version.

Here is validation.xml:

Validator-rules.xml looks like:

Help me to identify why it is not working.
6 years ago