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Recent posts by chan Diaz

i think the issue is with rmic invoking it gives

Error generating RMI code: RMIC Command returns RC = 1.

the rmi is invoked though the ant scripts

10 years ago
Hi everybody,

while i build my ant scripts in eclipse, and at the stage of [exec] Invoking RMIC. i get an error complaining of some classes not being present. but where as they do exist in my project.

Does anybody have any clue of why this happens

Thanks in advance.
10 years ago
sorry about the naming policy, which i obviously didnt take much notice of while registering.

but i would appreciate if some body could give me a clue at least in broader view of how i could achieve this.

so far i have gathered the facts so that i managed to get the pdf drawn and labeled on the pdf. i got a sample xml and xsl file written. Then as i read and understood XFDF file needs to be generated and jsp/servlet needs to be used for mapping the nodes with the object names on the pdf. which i cant figure out how?

can some body please help!
hi everybody,

i am a bit clueless how to print a pdf invoice with the data mapped with the user input. for example when a user enters data these need to be mapped to specific locations on a previously designed form. i browsed to find out iText can be used but just cant figure out how.

can some one offer to give me a iText tutorial which can be used to write my program.

thanks in advance.
[ October 09, 2008: Message edited by: Ulf Dittmer ]