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William Taylor wrote:

JJ Walker wrote:the validation of the valid combination of inventory should be from the Stock Inventory and Management System.

Regarding the relation between House, Product and CompletedDesign, I am thinking House is the outcome after customer add all the component to it; Product is after the required feature(heating, plumbing) is added to the house, (may) including deriving the cost; and CompletedDesign is after customer select 1 or more product to form a final design, which is ready to be discussed with Sales Rep.

What do you think?

My understanding is all components including the house itself are products of Factory Homes. The house is composed of other components like walls and foundation. In this way, a CompletedDesign can be associated with multiple products. Anyone share the same opinion? Thanks.

do you thing house is a component ? I don't think so. component like wall, foundation belong to product.

I think single Room might be product and since house consist of mulitple rooms ( bed, living, outhouse,garage ,etc) , a CompleteDesign can be associated with multiple Product (rooms) .. does it make any sense?
I am planning to take part I exam.please let me know which is the best simulator to buy (epratizelab or whizlabs or any other )

Thank you