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Recent posts by enrico fermi

I am doing a project on an existing BPEL generator (using Java programming in Eclipse) which enable it to be automatically deploy its BPEL source code by BPEL Engine to the server (i'm using open source Apache Tomcat).

Anyone can help to explain how do i do to integrate open source BPEL Engine (java-complaint) to the BPEL generator so that i don't have to manually compile and deploy it to BPEL Engine?
Or any other forum that i can post this question to get help?

May i know what are the available free open source BPEL engine that is java-complaint available out there?
Up to my current survey, i found:
ActiveBPEL Engine
OpenESB BPEL Service Engine
Apache ODE BPEL Engine

Anyone can advise from experiences whether any above BPEL Engine suit my case? Or any other better ones?

Really appreciate from any help
Thanks in advance
13 years ago