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Recent posts by Sharad Kharya

Hello. Can somebody help me on this.
This is the first time I am feeling helpless because nobody is helping me in javaranch.

8 years ago
I have made some changes in my example to make it more simple for demo on javaranch.
Please find the screenshot of project structure in Eclipse.

Please Note:- As mentioned in my original post - I have replaced the jquery .js files with my test.js. As I found, the issue is not specific to jquery, even it is not working with any included .js file

Here is my code snippet.





With above code, when I run
1. http://localhost:8080/CVR_WS_GitHub/cvrrest - I get 'Hello sayDefault' on my web page. As it points to the mapped webservices
2. http://localhost:8080/CVR_WS_GitHub/cvrtest - I do not get anything in my UI, but getting following error in server and firebug console

a. server console error.

b. firebug error

The very interesting point here is,
If I remove the webservice class i.e. and make my application a pure WebApplication and restart tomcat server.
Then I am successfully able to run http://localhost:8080/CVR_WS_GitHub/cvrtest
and I get alert message along with 'Hello CVR TEST HTML' in UI.

I really do not understand the root cause of this issue.

Please help me. Also let me know, if I am doing something wrong.
Hope, I have posted all the required details.

Thanks in Advance.

8 years ago
I am facing issue when deploying my web application which have both rich UI using jquery-ui and webservices.
I am not able to load the mentioned .css & .js files in my html.

I am getting error in firebug -

If I remove the webservice file, from my project. I am easily able to invoke my html with all Rich UI look & feel.

I spent 2 days, but really not understanding, what is going wrong here.

please help me on this.


8 years ago
Hello Joe,
Thanks for directing me to the right link/location.
I View the html source in browser and as per the source.. UI is generated.
My learning is - All basic HTML elements are placed together and then all Struts specific elements are presented in <table> which is created dynamically by struts API internally.
to get rid of this - I myself created table inside <form> and put all Struts + HTML tags under different <td> and it works correctly.
In this scenario, as the <table> is already in place, struts is not adding any new <table> dynamically. So every thing is inplace correctly.

Now my work is to have DDCL plugin correctly inplace with my other UI components.

Below is the new UI with all elements ordered correctly
8 years ago
Hello Ulf,
As mentioned in my initial thread, my aim is to use Juery DDCL plugin to create DropdownCheckboxList. but I was facing the issue.
so I thought to add some UI components using raw html tag and then I will write my jquery to do the needful.
But while adding UI component with raw HTML tag, I faced this issue and left with NO CLUE about why this is happening.

hope this clarifies my need.

8 years ago
Heading - "Here is the component with basic HTML Tags. This should go below Company Office"
Combobox with label Geo Locations is EXPECTED to appear below Company Office dropdown,
but in ACTUAL both the components made with raw HTML tags are appearing on TOP. ie. before all UI components made with struts tag.

8 years ago
Hello, I am new to Struts and trying to make UI with Struts with Jquery. but didnot get success over it.
so I plan to remove jquery component and use basic HTML elements with Struts 2 to see whether it is working correctly or not... but surprisingly, it is my bad luck

Here is the details of my problem:
I have a combobox with label Geo Locations: which is suppose to be appear below Company Office dropdown, but it is not working as expected.
please find below code snippet and Image of my UI.

Here the output UI is:

Thanks in advance
8 years ago
Thanks it worked.
Just curious to know. can't the 1 horizontal scrollbar is viewable commonly in fixed + main table. And keep 1st column as fixed.
9 years ago
Hi, I found this post very useful as it met my requirements. But i am blocked only at one point.
Grey colour is not getting removed from my fixed Table.
I am attaching the screenshots. please let me know, how this can be achieved.
9 years ago
I have been trying from some time to stop table selection on Button click and made table display grey out .so easily understand that table is in non selection and non editable mode.
But unfortunately after trying hard, I am not getting a way to achieve this.
I need to disable radio button selection when I click on 'Stop Editing' button.
Please help me in on this.

9 years ago
Thanks. This logic works for me.
I am just posting the code differences I made to make it work w.r.t the original example.

old code snippet

Changed code snippet
9 years ago
I am facing a problem with JComboBox ActionListener. I have 3 comboBox and the logic which I am expecting is -
User select Item from 1st combobox, then only 2nd comboBox will be populated.
then user selects 2nd combobox, then 3rd comboBox will gets populated.
and so on.

I have made only 3 combobox here for this post. in an actual scenario I have around 8-10 combobox'x each having nearly 10 items.

The problem I am facing here is very tedious. All the listeners in all combobox's fired.
I tried removing and then re-adding action listener, but that gives me compilation issue.
1st issue - Cannot refer to a non-final variable listener inside an inner class defined in a different method
to correct this, if I make ActionListener definition as final, then another compilation issue comes - The local variable listener may not have been initialized.

Please help me in resolving this.
Code snippet -

Thanks In Advance,
9 years ago

I am working on Swing Application and trying to use JSeparator to divide the panel Horizontally.
But, unfortunately my Separator is showing as a full line. Instead it is just showing in particular area only.

Can anyone please help me, on how to correct this.

Here is my Sample code
10 years ago
This got resolved -

i missed the mapping of id/prymary key with column name in Entity class.
line added -