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Recent posts by Chuck Staples

The intro for "Murach's Python Programming" essentially states that the book expressly is not dealing with compatibility issues between Python version 2 and 3.  

That's understandable, but if you were to BRIEFLY comment on the following, I'd be interested:  

If you had to pick one issue involving Python compatibility between versions - something you've discovered, or wish someone had told you, which is not readily documented elsewhere - what would that issue be?

4 years ago
Thanks for the selection!  Info is on its way.
There are a variety of JSON resources available, both in online and in print.

Question:  Why this book?  What does it bring to the table that is new and/or improved - or better yet not available elsewhere?  

( Softball question which lets you pitch the book to us... :P )

Confirming receipt of the prize eBook for this giveaway.

Arquillian in Action is still in MEAP at present, but the ebook is at version 5 - chapters 1-8 available - and the content thus far looks very approachable.
5 years ago
message received. thanks very much!
5 years ago
Seconded - "Next Generation Java Testing" is an excellent introduction to TestNG, although you will quickly find yourself headed for the online docs at times.
5 years ago
Well, if anything it's an excuse to look at it. Appreciate the info.
5 years ago
I think you mean "Packt"... but agreed, good place to pick up free eBooks. JavaScript all this week (201-11-09 thru 13)
Client-side; GUI manifestation of the backend data and its transformations -- presentation, format, consistency, some limit/sanity checks. (We have separate non-Java tests for the backend data.) In general, the UI tests will call for a report (or set of reports) and check its existence, data population, unit of measurement display, rendering performance, etc. We've typically used specific Selenium WebDriver calls to access the affected objects directly by XPath.

(There are efforts to quantify backend performance as well, but that's another set of teams, and not specifically in my focus. Always willing to share, though... )
5 years ago
My organization is increasing testing focus on an Angular-based UI. So far our test automation has had limited JScript interaction, and we are investigating tools which can improve on Selenium integration limitations with JavaScript. Could the use of Arquillian and its extensions help here? If so, what significant improvements to Selenium-JScript integration could it provide? What would be a sample set of best practices and limitations?
5 years ago
For me, the best aspect of the Manning MEAP books program is that generally it's a very competitive price for the bundle of both P-Book and E-Book.
That way I have the "bookshelf" copy for the house, but also a convenient e-copy on the tablet to carry everywhere.

Having early access to the preliminary E-Book versions is a nice bonus, though.

Have bought about a dozen MEAPs and so far happy with each.
9 years ago
The Manning page for the "Camel in Action" book indicates Camel has included a "powerful test kit for unit and integration testing".

Could you comment briefly on what this is and does, beyond the obvious?

Is it intended to be essentially Camel-centric, or a more generic enhancement / replacement for such tools as junit?

Is it intended as a primary vehicle for verifying enhancements / user-created plugins to Camel?

Does it include routines suitable for measuring (or optimizing :P) Camel code performance and/or scalability?

thanks and regards,
=Chuck Staples


What do you find are the most common errors that Java programmers make, when first beginning Android development?

What kinds of misunderstandings did you yourself have, and what assumptions did you make (and later find to be untrue) for coding in Java on Android?

These could be syntactical errors, environmental problems, functional differences between the JVM implementations, unnecessary over-coding because of available Android-specific functionality...

Not so much a "best practices" question... more like "what to avoid doing" (because it's unnecessary or doesn't work the same in Android Java)...

thanks and regards,
=Chuck Staples
11 years ago
Many of the questions here seem aimed at those who already have some familiarity with Groovy.
As a new Java programmer, I don't have any context for why Groovy / Grails might be better suited for a web application than plain old Java with Restful web services.

Can you briefly list the advantages ( and disadvantages, if any :P ) of using Groovy / Grails vs Restful services?

12 years ago

To be brutally frank, I'm having a hard time coming up with a suitable question, as I'm only an occasional user of an older version of the product.

However, I do recall an issue that I have had with regard to managing connection definitions.

* There seemed to be no way to sort or arrange the connection list entries, other than moving them "up" or "down" in the connection list manually - has this been corrected in any recent version?

Other than that, I do appreciate the DbVisualizer product... it's a nice lightweight DB browsing client and flexible enough for my needs - which are general DB delving and some light scripting in the course of software QE work... I was fortunate enough to stumble across DBV it a few years back and generally use it over any of the other available alternatives.

Thanks for a quality product!