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Recent posts by Ken Butters

I read through the first chapter you posted... very nice.

From the title... I would guess that the emphasis of the book would be on coding techniques to solve a sampling if issues that developers commonly run up against... but the content of the first Chapter seemed to lean more torwards cross browser compatability of code...

Is one or both of those topics the primary emphasis of your book?

Would you say that you give equal airtime to both javascript and CSS? (both of which I have my sights on learning right now)
Unless I am mistaken, the Java Associate certificate used to be a separate certification from the Java Programmer Certificate. Are these now combined into one? If they are still separate, does your book cover both certifications? In your opinion, do you feel that employers are looking more for the Programmer certificate than the associate.... or does it not seem to matter that much one way or the other?
The last thing I had a problem with was using a BorderLayout manager....

I had been reading from Sun's website:

The page notes that: Because content panes use the BorderLayout class by default, the code does not need to set the layout manager.;

In my case I found that it was NOT using BorderLayout until I explicity specified it.

Going back to my example.... My "Main" panel was a borderlayout. within the center panel of the borderlayout I was adding another panel that was boxlayout set to show components in rows. When I tried to add something to the "North" section and then the "Center" section of the outer Borderlayout.... it all appeared in a single row... (boxlayout format).

I ended up finding the issue in that I had to go back to the BorderLayout panel and specify that layout as borderlayout instead of relying on the fact that it would be set to that layout by default.

But my real question here is in regards to testing. I did not have a way to solve the problem other than by trial and error. Are there any testing tools that would have allowed me to gain some insight as to why the components were being placed as they were on the screen? As I progress, I would imagine that the GUI's that are produced could potentially get fairly complex. It would be nice to know up front if there is some simple method for debugging the results of this sort of thing.

9 years ago
I am trying to learn about coding Java Swing components.

One of the things I'm having a difficult time with is understanding how to debug what I've done wrong as far as use of the layout managers.

When I look at the resulting GUI... I'm not always seeing what I expected... but having a difficult time trying to figure out what I did wrong.

Do you have any suggestions in this area?
9 years ago
I'm new to Java and am having some trouble with runnable in conjunction with inner classes. I was able to get the code to work until I made the the gui runnable. once I did that I get the following error:

"No enclosing instance of type Temperature is accessible. Must qualify the allocation enclosing instance of type Temperature. ...."

This application simply converts from fahrenheit to celcius. I was learn swing, and through examples I found online... saw an indication that the gui form should be invoked as a runnable thread.

Once I modified the code to use runnable... I seem to have lost accessibility to the other classes in my main class "Temperature".

Any idea why?

10 years ago
I had exact same error. I changed from :




It worked. I think it may be a typo in the book.
11 years ago