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Recent posts by Asanka Vithanage

i see today one sai site.
they have stop the chance to register for new members.
i had created a account. and still didn't buy a voucher.
But i couldn't log on.
does am i late
Thank you André Asantos for your kind reply

I found a link .I think it will be useful to all .
By using thisyou can get the your SAI Program Name and ID.
Here we have to submit Country and a Education Institute.
For me they give the chance to register to SAI Programm

hi guys,

I am in sri lanka .how can i join with this SAI program.
Is anybody have a idea.

Thank you
thank you Jeanne,
can you suggest some good books for oca exam.
According my searches i see the above exam consist of two parts.there is a 3 parts in first exam and we have to choose one out of three
which should i choose to study?
i am already a scjp.
15 years ago
hai ranchers,
i want to do the oracle ceritfication.but i don't have any idea about much cost is it is..?
and what are the recomended books.
i had learned oracle when i was in university.
but i don't know is it sufficient to go through the exam.
plese can any body give me a details about the orcle certification path
15 years ago
15 years ago
Hanumant Deshmukh, Jignesh Malavia, and Matthew Scarpino
hay ranchers,
i want to know is there new book of JAVA WEB COMPONENT DEVELOPER
CERTIFICATION available for scwcd 1.5 exam(310 083)
i also plan to study for scwcd
hay what kind of materials should i use
i want to do 1.5 exam
is there head first book for that version
15 years ago
thank You very much guys
now i want to go for scwcd exam
what kind of meterials should i used for studies
mock exams
and how much time should i work i haven't any experience in jsp,servlet
15 years ago
I finished my scjp exam.
so my new target is scwcd,
so please tell me what kind of meterial is good,
Any ideas about study plan..........
if i worked full time how much of time i need to go for the exam.i don't have any experience in jsp and servelet
Thank you Every body in java ranch who support to me to passed the exam.
This is a greate forum i had gained lot of things ,so thank you very much again all of you.
15 years ago
when we add values to a set.what is actually happen .???
is it check hashcode vaue or equal method result or both.
i try to find the method but i fail to find it
following code gives [Key@1, Key@2] as out put
plese can any body explain

and also when removing object from set what kind of pattern is it use