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Congratulations :-)
6 years ago
Yes I guess.
But It's weird... Certainly a mistake in the book :-).

Thank you !


I'm reading the Charles Lyon's book and I see that these methods (getLocalAddr(), getLocalPort(), getRemoteAddr(), getRemotHost(), etc...) are not an Exam Objective but when I've made the mock exam trial of Enthuware and there was a question about these methods.
So... are these methods a part of the exam or not ?

Same question about getContextPath(), getPathInfo(), getServletPath(), ...

Thanks in advance,

Congratulations !

I have a question, when you say "Design pattern", you mean on these patterns ? => Intercepting Filter, Model-View-Controller, Front Controller, Service Locator, Business Delegate, and Transfer Object.
Because I don't see them in the topics of the 1Z0-899 exam.

And it's weird, nobody has questions about Custom tag. :/
7 years ago

It must be:

Answer B (<%@ page import=”java.util.List , java.util.ArrayList” %> ) is correct and the answer C is not correct.
In any case I don't see it in the topics.. :/
On this post, you can see that you can have scriptlet inside the body of a tag file but they are ignored when you call "<jsp:doBody/>".

Correct me if I'm wrong.
Yes but my question is... is Design pattern still a part of the exam ?
Someone knows about the Pattern Design in the SCWCD 6 ?
Finally I'll take the latest exam.. :-)

I've already read Head First 2nd edition, now I'm going to read the book of Charles Lyon and I have a license key (from my company) for the mock exams of Enthuware.
I think it's enough to pass the exam.

I'm looking the "new" topics and I don't see anything about the Patterns (Intercepting Filter, Model-View-Controller, Front Controller, Service Locator, Business Delegate, and Transfer Object). No question about that in this exam ?
Are there another topics that are not in the latest exam compared with SCWCD 5?

Thanks !
I see a solution, I have to change the national charactset from AL16UTF16 to UTF8 but I have not the privilege to do that now...
I'm waiting :-)

If someone has another solution.. :p
7 years ago