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Recent posts by vivek sivakumar

well does this apply to ones taken in 2002
my login.jsp which has some gif files which are in root directory(above web-inf (access to all)) , when i try to access login.jsp file , then its displayed without any images(gif )on it , what should i do in order to get this right
or what should i add more in this web.xml in order to display images correctly?
OR is this is a specification issue ( no gifs allowed in login page if its used as form which undergoes authentication)
this is the web.xml that im using
- <welcome-file-list>
- <login-config>
- <form-login-config>
Thanks in advance for ur help
19 years ago
I have give a small code snippet that i use , well my question is , how can i instantiate Employee objects (my preferred number or until i press escape), by getting Parameter inputs like age , weight etc from the console ..can anyone give a code snippet a bit confused with the looping here ..
// Here is my code

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[ April 29, 2003: Message edited by: Cindy Glass ]
19 years ago
Amitttt thats a befitting reply to people who just dont have any certification feathers to their hat ..but just have badges of crticism ..that was a nice reply pal.. really i too agree with u ..for example a normal java programmer will not know the intrinsic details and techs hidden inside java unless one goes thro mughals certification book (atleast some tricks) ..and another example is that a Person who did SCWD may know apis top to bottom and may be fast in atleast to know which classes or interfaces to use ..definitely this helps atleast to a certain extend ..and above all Top companies which give out projects(outsourcing) expect that the engineers who work (vendors) should possess certifications in respective technologies ..
19 years ago
Well passed the scwd, felt little releived .
anyway a few words about the exam.

Read scwd exam kit (manning) -thanks for a focussed book .
*** Do the three tests which comes with the CD (well im not lying i saw them in the practise test from cd (some typically same !!!) even if u cannot read thro the book be thorough with the 3 tests from the cd , to be frank for 4 questions in the actual exam i didnt have to read fully through the question as it was exactly the same as in practise so just selected the option . so read thro the test . but the exam did have some 4 tricky questions but fairly to say on the whole they never can shake !
19 years ago
yes but it seems officially it will take atleast mid of 2003 to release it ..(read somewhere in javaranch couple of months back ..)
yes instant variable of single thread model is thread safe since multiple threads are not allowed to access a single servlet (but should not rely on it..prefer synchronizing methods ), but instant variable on multithread model is not safe .
well its <%= Expression %>
suns jsp spec says this ..(on 57th page u will find this)
congrats blake , nice score , could u enlight a more about exams which part was tough etc...
19 years ago
since this discussion has come i would i like to give up my experience even..
I was working for a multinational in germany suddenly i dont know my Project manager said that i leave the company..
then after i took my java certification hoping that getting a job will be easy , its been 4 months now ..but in vain ..there are jobs which ask for specific skill sets like java programmer but even if u apply to them the response seems negative ..all i was expecting is that ATLEAST I GET A INTERVIEW CALL FOR HAVING CERTIFICATION (sure!! i dont expect to give me job cause i have cert ) but still no one responds and even if they do then its in negative way..
the reason why i say this is because i think Respecting Certification also depends on Geographic aspects..UR CERTS WILL BE RECOGNIZED ONLY IF U HAVE SOMEONE HAS POSSESSED THEM AROUND U ..otherwise i think its useless..
MANY IT HR People in GERMANY ask me "Hmm..Well what does JAVA certification mean ? many dont know even what a certification means..!! if u r among them then surely u face problems like me
in this case certification is REDUNDANT AND WILL GO UN-NOTICED!!!
[ January 30, 2003: Message edited by: vivek sivakumar ]
19 years ago
dont rely on those classification of hard and easy ones (i even posted this same question when i did my prog cert with jq+) , the apt answer is that the question of being simple and hard depends on how the idividual views it ..kinda cognitive science so a stuff which was branded as hard to JDiscuss question developers necessarily need not be hard to u and vice versa <---->
thnkx for ur reply, point taken.
19 years ago
congrats, tell me one thing is it necessary to mug up all the apis and its attributes ..r there many questions related to that kind ..
19 years ago
gosh tell me is it necessary to mug up all the apis ..are there many questions testing names of methods plus attribute testing ..
19 years ago
congrats, makes me extend my envies upon you.
19 years ago