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Recent posts by sara edison

I figured out why my image was disappearing! It was not saved in the typical gif 87 or 89 formats thus there was no global colormap and it would not show up. I didn't need to include an image tag in my html since I had already drawn it in my applet. Thanks for all your help Nate!!
19 years ago
I am currently trying to open my applet in IE or Netscape. My applet shows up very nicely, but my image does not. I checked the java console and it says that: no global colormap in GIF file.
at com/ms/awt/image/GifImageDecoder.error
at com/ms/awt/image/GifImageDecoder.readHeader
at com/ms/awt/image/GifImageDecoder.produceImage
at com/ms/awt/image/InputStreamImageSource.doFetch
at com/ms/awt/image/ImageFetcher.fetchloop
at com/ms/awt/image/
What does no global colormap in GIF file mean? And how would I remedy the error? I greatly appreciate any suggestions!! Thanks!!! -sara
19 years ago
I do actually draw my image in my applet and when I run it with a CodeWarrior/TextPad/Forte, the image shows up fine. I have the getImage and paint as described in the post. When I try to open the applet up in Internet Explorer or Netscape, my image disappears. I am new to java so I thought one way to make it show up would be to use html. I just can't figure out why my image disappears . Anyways, thanks for all you help Nate!! I really appreciate it!!
19 years ago
I want the page to consist of my applet with the image placed in the middle of the right hand side of the applet. I have allocated space for this image with my layout manager in my applet. I'll try the buffering and CSS and see how it goes. Thanks for you suggestions!!
19 years ago
The image shows up now, but I can't get it in the right position. Any ideas how to position the image with html?
nate - thanks for your help!!!
Here is my code:
Beginning of applet tag
CODE = "Graph.class"
NAME = "Graph"
WIDTH = "450"
HEIGHT = "450"
ALIGN = absmiddle
end of applet tag
IMG SRC="graph.gif" WIDTH="191" HEIGHT="41">
I appreciate any suggestions!!! Thanks!!! - sara
19 years ago
Thanks Nate! I greatly appreciate your advice on the images and the name
19 years ago