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since Nov 08, 2008
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sorry bout that >.< n yes it does look better.

constructor is the 1st thing that runs in a program right?
is it a must?

by unusual, you mean its wrong? then how am i suppose to put it?

this code is suppose to use the getCustomerName() function in class Order right? or should i declare a String name n write as :

13 years ago
wow.. that was a fast reply n thanks for the welcome.ok, i couple question here.

Im using jGRASP version 1.8.4. for my java app, is that a good program?

I did a program bout inheritance, as following..

but the problem is the bold part, it shows null, 0, 0, 0 for everything except for the extraCharge.The child class couldnt get data from the parent class. how do i fix that?
[edit]Add code tags and a few additional "newlines." CR[/edit]
[ November 08, 2008: Message edited by: Campbell Ritchie ]
13 years ago
im new to java, learn it couple weeks ago n im confuse about the following error.

';' expected
')' expected
identifier expected
cannot find symbol

what does those mean?
thanks for helping in advance.
13 years ago