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Recent posts by Narri Dharmis

Thanks for the quick reply.

7 years ago

I would like to get some good references/books to get start learning web services thoroughly.

Please help me.

7 years ago

I am using SSO for launching my application through NTLM authentication. I have configured SSO wih OpenSSL configuration.

After configuration we have been able to launch application perfectly, but when I launch the applet part of the code the 401 error occurs.

We are making connection from applet to interact with http Servlet by using class.
URL url = new URL("https", "my server ip", -1, /test?;

HttpURLConnection conn = (HttpURLConnection)url .openConnection();

The connection always return the status code "401" Unauthorized request.

The same code works fine when I did without configuring with SSO.

Please help me on this issue. This is very urgent for me to deliver the product.

Thanks for your help in advance.


I have two services for exposing as web services by using CXF framework. The two services are using the same "" in one of the web methods. I have given single targetname space for the classes used in services. Ex: For both WebService Implementation classes I have given the same target name space like

When I generate stubs at client program with CXF framework all the stubs will generate in "com.test" package and service classes will be generated in "com.service" package.

My question is Can I use same targetname spaces for both WebService classes ?

10 years ago

When I convert a String value to float by using Float.valueOf(String), The return value is not containing last decimal.

Ex: String a = 2.50;
float b = Float.valueOf(a);

Now the float "b" is holding only upto 2.5. It is not converting String value to float properly. My requirement is to convert a String value to Float with exact decimals.

Please tell me how can I convert a String to float with complete decimals.

11 years ago
Hi All,

I am working on java, I need to execute the RunINSO.exe which takes one input file path and one output file path. As a stand alone application it is working fine with Unicode file names but my project need is it has to be used in RunTime using RunTime.exe() function. It is working for ASCII character file name but the problem is with the Unicode file names.

How can I execute the above RunInso.exe with Unicode file names in the Java application. Your help is more valuable.

Thanks & Regards,
12 years ago