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Recent posts by margaret gillon

My community has meeting rooms with hearing loops. Some of the groups with impaired hearing and vision use the loops. We are trying to figure out how to connect a laptop to the hearing loop so it can hear the loop conversations and they become audio input and can be transcribed in real time using software like google translate.  The transcription would be cast to a large TV in the room. The goal is that the people who can see -- but cannot hear -- can be part of the conversations as they are happening.

Hearing aids have telecoil technology that connects them to the hearing loop. I have searched for telecoil receivers that connect to a laptop but cannot find them.

How do we connect the laptop to the hearing loop as if the laptop audio in were hearing aids?

1 year ago
Hi Felienne,

Glad to know about your podcast. I have many questions about your book.

Does your book discuss cognitive changes that come with aging and how those changes can impact technical learning ?  

What was the age range of the study subjects you used for this book ?

Did you have a balance of men / women in the study?

Were there markers such as how fast teen and young adult programmers pick up new languages versus middle age and older programmers (+60) learning new languages ?

Are your methods helpful to all age programmers ?

Are there different methods based on brain development ( i.e. for pre-teens or early teens still growing)?

Have you studied programmers who have issues like dyslexia ?

Thank you, Margaret.
3 years ago
I haven't tried the Python language on my computer.

Does your book give some kind of help with setting up the Python development environment ?  

Do all Python versions work on Mac Osx or does Apple require an Apple approved version to run.

The book sounds like a fun way to learn.

Thanks, Margaret
3 years ago
You need to look a little broader than FoxPro. The tables use the xBase file format used by Ashton Tate dBase, Foxpro, Visual Foxpro. In 2015 I was still maintaining data in this format that we couldn't move to a true DBMS because the legacy software using the tables was running 10 manufacturing facilities. I was moving data from SQLserver to Foxpro but doing it in the Foxpro language with ODBC drivers.

Once you start looking for xBase utilities you'll find java classes.

Here's a few java class examples:

xBaseJ class

JavaDBF class

There are also JDBC drivers for foxpro such as this.

DB Schema driver

Here are threads in the Microsoft Developer lists about Java app and Foxpro tables, like this one. Posting to that site might help because many people there use Foxpro and SQLserver together. Here is an example conversation.

Java foxpro questions

Hope that helps a little.

4 years ago
Is there any way to stop another web site from loading my site into a frame on the calling web site? In other words the user finds a reference to my site on a third party site. They click the link and think they are coming to my site but instead they stay on the original site that loads my site into a frame designed to mimic my site. Does that make sense?

The CMS does seem logical because I agree at some point the managers are going to want to cut the costs of having all documents converted by coders and they would be happier if administrative staff could modify the web site. But CMS seem to have many added costs. Say we are talking about Drupal. I have seen vendors quote for up to 120K to set up the Drupal. A vendor has to set it up and design it for the company. Many vendors that do the set up also provide the hosting. I have looked at pricing and a hosted 30GB Drupal site is around 400 dollars a month. I have seen quotes of 1,000 a month for 50GB Drupal hosting. Then the vendor has to be retained in case there are issues with the Drupal that require tech support. Normally it runs on mysql and I although Drupal is open source not all of mysql is open source and I think there are license fees now at some level.

Also I still can't find out if Drupal is accessible. I see threads about accessibility on their web site in the support rooms but not much on the main site.
8 years ago
Consider a large web site for a city that adds as many as 100 documents to the site each month. The documents will not change after being posted, they are things like council meeting minutes, meeting schedules, resolutions passed to manage the community, clubs, summer events, community resources , etc. The city wants the documents to remain even after they are no longer current so they can be searched for historical information -- for instance the users could see when a resolution passed, who voted for it, and how long ago it was applied. It is critical that the web site stays light for old machines. It is critical that it is fully accessible to disabled users. It would need to be searchable by all engines.

I think there is merit in writing a site like this in plain HTML with CSS3. Other techies I know debate and think a CMS system would be better.

If the site were being supported by a developers (and techies to convert the documents) , not by non-technical people, do others think HTML would be better ?
8 years ago
Is there any kind of certification by some standards organization, like ISO, that developers can earn to prove their talent for creating accessible friendly WCAG 2.0 web sites?
Luke suggested

Terry Goodkind's "Sword of Truth" novels

The kindle version of the first novel in this series is on sale today at Amazon for $1.99 (regular price $8.99). Better yet you can buy the Audible audio version of the book for only $0.99 (regular price $27.97) if you buy it with the Kindle version. I buy the Kindle + Audible books all the time because of the amazingly low prices. There is an Audible app for playing the files on Android phones.

Amazon Daily Deal Wizard's First Rule (Sword of Truth Book 1)
9 years ago
Chris you said

I enjoyed the fantasy novel The Scar by China Mieville.


This book is the second book of a series. It looks interesting. Did you have to read the first book or does this book work as a stand alone novel?
9 years ago
Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, and Bobsey Twins are children's books with a reading age beginning around 6 to 7 years old.
9 years ago
Fantasy , one of my favorites, by author mentioned already:
Dragonsong (Pern: Harper Hall #1) by Anne McCaffrey is one of my favorite books about a young girl who loves music but lives in a fishing community that thinks her talent is frivolous. Her father goes to great measures to stop her from playing music and she eventually runs away and bonds with a group of miniature dragons. This is the first book in a trilogy.

For mysteries --
Nevada Barr's Anna Pigeon mystery series is good. Anna is a national park ranger.
Alafair Burke's Ellie Hatcher series. Ellie is a NYPD detective.
Joy Castro's Nola Cespedes Mysteries. Nola is a crime reporter for a post-Katrina New Orleans newspaper.
Tess Gerritsen's Rizzoli & Isles series. The TV show is based on these books but the books are much richer, and darker, than the tv series.

Deborah Crombie's Duncan Kincaid & Gemma James series. Both protagonists are British police Inspectors at Scotland Yard. They eventually marry. At different times they work under each other. Both want a good personal life but both are career oriented and love their work as detectives. Interesting dynamics between the relationship, the work, and the politics at work when they find internal coverups in their investigations.

Patricia Cornwell's Kay Scarpetta series. Scarpetta is "Chief Medical Examiner for the Commonwealth of Virginia at Richmond. She is also known as one of the top forensic pathologist in the country. " These are dark and sometimes stark.

9 years ago
For fantasy novels with female protagonist here is a list of strong female fantasy on with approximately 3,662 books. The list is described as

Best "Strong Female" Fantasy Novels. List of fantasy novels featuring strong women.
This includes: general fantasy, urban fantasy, young adult fantasy, fairy tale retellings, etc.... These women kick ass!

9 years ago
Vonda McIntyre has many great science fiction novels and series with female protagonists. My all time favorite by her is "DREAMSNAKE". She wrote Star Trek novels as well as her own series. If you will read books in ebook format she is part of an authors cooperative that has other authors also writing science fiction and fiction. Some of the ebooks are ebook editions of books originally published in paper. Others are ebook originals. The cooperative is Book View Cafe .
9 years ago