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Recent posts by nuur alif

hello dear friends...

i do have done this code to view RTF file:

the output in a frame viewer is : ����� ���� ����

hmm... for the arabic.rtf, i had type a arabic text ..but why it display that type of character?

can anybody explain to me?
13 years ago

Originally posted by Ulf Dittmer:
The console where you're printing this to most likely does not support Arabic characters (many Console don't support much beyond ISO-8859-1), so the fact that the characters don't print properly doesn't mean much.

You can use the String.charAt method to check whether the string contains the proper Arabic characters.

hmmm.. i need to display it at console.. do i need to doing a setting? i am using eclipse IDE...
13 years ago
i try this code below

in try.txt i wrote the arabic text then, i save as type UTF-8 encoding..

the output is like this:

Enter File name : try.txt
File text : ??? ??? ???
Reading Process Completly Successfully.

Hmm..? am i need to do something such as local/properties class?

hopefully somebody can guide me...i an lost

thanks in advanced...
13 years ago

Originally posted by Ulf Dittmer:
Where are the characters displayed as question marks? In the console? In the editor? If the former, most consoles can't display Unicode. If the latter, make sure the editor can handle Unicode (and Arabic) in general (meaning it has fonts and selects those properly).

hmm.. i am trying learn from example..

i am using awt applet to display ..the output is ���������
13 years ago
hmm.. i had done that way...where i write and save it as RTF file with UTF-8 encodings..but they display ???

i need to get the character because i want to sort the character..hmm..?
13 years ago

Originally posted by Ulf Dittmer:
No, POI has no provisions for reading RTF. But the basic structure of RTF isn't complicated. If you spend some time with the specification (such as there is) and study a few simple RTF files, you should be able to write code that parses the file contents and extracts the actual text.

thanks! you do help much and i am trying to study about RTF and java..

hmm.. it is possible?

for example, i want to write an arabic text and save it as .RTF file.
then i want to read the .RTF file as a unicode. without using GUI ( in this case RTF Editor KIT)

I just want to read the arabic character which is in .RTF file.Then i want to manipulate each arabic charater. Hmm..

is it relate about encodings?
how to set to arabic encodings?
13 years ago
Hello there..

can any of these family guide me in how to read RTF file content?
i want to manipulate the string content(example get the length) and display it in console.

it is possible? from my 'homework' it can be done using awt.huhu..i just want to display it in need GUI? :roll:

thanks in advanced for your concern!
13 years ago
hmm... i had read about i18n for a brief ...

i am wondering, it is possible for me if i want to read a arabic input from the other file or hardcoded?

If there is thousand of arabic character (example a arabic speech file)?

How can i retrieve the character from the arabic document file?

or put the input through the keyboard to any jTextField such as we treat the latin character?

13 years ago
thanks a lot..

ok.. i will read and try to understand further. If there's any doubt hopefully anybody in this family can help me

13 years ago

can anybody explain, it is possible top treat unicode character (arabic) same as latin character? such as,can we append char, sort char or etc for the arabic character?

please...hopefully someone can help me here..

thanks in advanced..
13 years ago