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Recent posts by NagarajGoud uppala

i faced a question in one of the interviews please any body clarify me.
is the static concept is same in all the jvm's?

i told him generally some of the things are different in different jvm's(because all the jvm's implementation is not same)
but static is the standard concept so i think it is same

i don't know weather it is correct or not .please some one help me

11 years ago
Hi Ulf Dittmer,
Thanks for your reply.

Ulf Dittmer wrote:Are you certain that the way to get the router to do something is to POST "sh runn" to it? Is that what its documentation says to do?

i am not sure

i connected to router
sample code

What is the response of the router

i am getting status 500

i know it is server error i.e router
i don't know what is the problem internally.

after connecting to the server i want execute a the "show run-configuration" command
then read the response.
can any one give the idea or sample code to execute that command on router
my router is "cisco 2161"

Thanks in advance,

Satya Maheshwari wrote:Try the sample code here:

Hi Satya Maheswari,
thanks for your help. i am able to connect router, i tried to execute a command on router "sh runn"
but i am not getting any thing
sample code

is it correct way to send a command to router?
please any one help me

Thanks in advacne,
Hi Rob Prime,
can you give sample example how to use them for send commands like

Apache's HttpClient to execute GET and POST request.

sh runn
i tried to find but i didn't understand which methods i need to use
please help me

Thanks in advance,
i am using http protocol to connect router .
i connected successfully. after that i want
to execute commands on can
i execute it?
i used like this

but it is only support for command line
please focus some light on this.


I think that you are misinterpreting the questions here. The "2" and "4" aren't (or may not be) the actual numbers. The significance is whether the numbers are the same or different -- meaning whether or not the code is being run by the same thread or different thread.


Hi Henry,
Thanks for giving some mean if the same thread is run it,the numbers will be same and if the different thread run it numbers will be different. isn't it??
if my understanding is wrong please correct me
This is from k&b threads,selftest(pgno:768,qno:13) Starter().run(); Starter().start();
3. new Thread(new Starter());
4. new Thread(new Starter()).run();
5. new Thread(new Starter()).start();

if we place the above statements at line 1 in code which is true?
answers are:
c.only one might produce the output 4 2
d.exactly two might produce the output 4 4

my doubt is how can we find out the answer ? i run the above code
for 4 i got output-- 1 1
for 5 i got output--1 8

i am using 1.6 version. i am confusing which is correct ? how?
please any body explain me step wise
Hi Vineet,
i am ready to buy but my doubt is after purchase it,due to any reason if it is bounced then they will give the new voucher?
i am asking like this because already one of my voucher expired on 07/08/09 due to miss understanding in date format.
please let me know is it safe to purchase online??
Hi Vineet,
you wrote that wizlabs providing the voucher for 3999/-.where can i buy. my voucher also i am in Hyerabad(Andharapradesh). is there any wizlab centers in Hyderabad? please let me know the address if any.
Hi Keshav Somasekhar,
to mine also happend like that on 07/08/09. yours is expired or to be expired?
Hi Guys,

I am unhappy today :
My voucher is expired.

I got Voucher from My friend friend. while taking voucher he told me it is valid upto Aug-09.i took it in Mar-09.
actually the date on the voucher is 07/08/09 . That guy think that it is dd/mm/yy format
so he told like that, after seeing the date me also feeling same.

i am the regular visitor of Javaranch.yesterday i read one post(
Finally after being so lazy, i managed to clear SCJP) written by Nachiket Patel. he told that format is mm/dd/yy.when i saw this i came to know my voucher is expired(i remeber the date 07/06/09), i have the anxiety(Hope) to see the voucher may be the date is 08/07/09,but at that time i am in office. Finally i went to room evening 7pm from office,i opened the voucher date is 07/08/09,so last day only it is expired.

so i can't blame any one because it is my mistake . i need to confirm the format, i don't assume like my friend friend, isn't it?
is there any chance to make it work?(Voucher).i think it is 100% not possible, isn't it?
if any body want to give the voucher i will take it(the persons who are in Hyderabad(ap) is better).

so please Guys check your date first.........
All The Best..........
Hi all,
In kathy sirrae and bertbates scjp 1.6,page no:585.there are two hashCode snippets as follows.

in the above 2 snippets he gave first one is efficent(fast)
reason:the first hashCode generate different code for each name length.
the second hashcode forumla woill always produce same result 4 so it will be slower than the first

my understanding of above reason is if the fist code is used the objects will stored in diff bugets so while retrieving it is easy.
in the second code every object will generate same hashCode so all objects will be stored in the same bucket,while retrieving it will take fist is better. am i right??
please some body explain me if i am wrong.

Hi Rayarao Surya Rao,
congratulations good score
12 years ago