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Recent posts by Grega Leskovšek

Great thing You are doing Eric - I am looking for more wood, metal, brickm scifi images all of blue color. Thanks in advance. Sincerely, Gregor Leskovšek from Slovenia, EU

Eric Matyas wrote:

Tim Cooke wrote:Given the excellent quality of the sound clips that Eric has created in his other Free Music Resource thread I expect these images to be of similar high quality, as indeed after a cursory look, they appear to be.

Thanks for sharing Eric. Great stuff!

You're very welcome!

I photographed a lot of cool textures last week that I'm sure could be used in all kinds of things. You'll find them here:

Again, if anyone has requests for certain types of images, I'll be happy to keep my eyes open for them. Just let me know. :-)

Have a good week,


Which ES does Your book support ES6 or ES7?
Thanks, Grega from Peace refuge
Is this a reference book or a tutorial (for which level) and when will the ES6 be finished and when widely used I mean supported? If I use ES6 which browsers must I disregard?
Thanks, Gregor from Slovenia
As I understand procedural prg is like blocks of code calling each other from main prg in a sequential way.
OOP is like a map: You have the capital, suburb, lakes, rivers, yachting, surfing, traffic and the cities are independent from each other as much as possible, but really independent is only the capital(main prg) depending only on resources.
What should the functional prg be like? What prg languages are meant primevally for functional prg? Python? And is Java also such lang?
What are the relations between the 3? Does anybody know of dev where 2 or 3 approaches are combined?
Am I also correct for proc and OOP def? Any thoughts, suggestions, corrections warmly and most welcome! Still a newbie, Gregor Leskovšek from Slovenia
8 years ago
To Java and are they still evolving? Thanks, Gregor from
8 years ago
With the counter down I created a counter down to a certain date in a future not with numbers but with words and some words in slovenian adjectives when written as so e.g.: 5 minut, 4 minute, 3 minute, 2 minuti, 1 minuta needed a lot of work from my side as a request from a customer. I have my hourly wage, but I do many things for free, but I am irritated when a customer does not want to pay me for a finished site with excuse that he doesn't have traffic or cancel the building of a site in the middle of the process(and as in this case before cancelation every hour sends me an update what to do with the website) or wants me to do smth that I know that it will not work on a long run and doesn't want to listen to my opinion or wants one feature from one site, the other from the other and the third and fourth from the x-site - what totaly makes me upset at the end as for them not to have a vision and doesn't have time to meet me personally although we are friends and see each other in church regularly.
I have another case when a customer wanted a huge update for free and then cancelled her account.

All projects I did so far where for friends or friends of friends arraging to pay me on hand. If somebody recommends me or I offer them a website it usually starts with a friendly talk.
In that case that You were asking we were together in mental hospital and she was a leader of political party and needed fast a website, promising to pay me a lot later. She was updating every day 5 - 10 times with having nothing to start from and after few weeks she stopped communicating with me, saying she doesn't like the website. Then I said that I can correct anything and then she disappeared, commiting a suicide and her parents did not want to connect me to people for whom I would finish the website:

I am mentally and emotionally unstable person on psychiatric medicine for +20 years (I am 37 years old), but inspite of that I finished two high schools and graduated from computer science degree. But many feel that I am week in communication and can not sign a contract(I will get retired this year and I am on social transfers where every € that I got in bank account they minus from my social transfers.

I want to make a contribution to the world, but if smbd lies to me and insults me when I want my payment I am upset and at the end I am a victim without money to pay for my medicine.

I hope I made myself clear, Gregor from Slovenia, Europe
8 years ago
What to do when a customer wants a thing that You will know will obstruct the application or is it not important and would take a lot of extra work that would not be payed?
I am asking that because I treat all my customers as kings and queens and I do not have a regular job (have a lot of time) ...
For one website they wanted counter down and I found one and needed 4h to create new suffixes and translate them to slovene and in the end they stopped communicating with me as they didn't "like" half done website and disappeared into nothingness?
Thanks, Gregor from
8 years ago
What is the necessity of supporting previous versions of Android 4 or even 3 or 2?
What are the compatibility issues between 4 and 5?
Thanks, Gregor from
8 years ago
what is the speed improvement when moving from jq1 to jq2?
Thanks, Gregor
What legacy browser does not JQ 2 support? I believe IE6 or less, FF 3.6 or less?+
1.) A friend wanted to convert me into AngularJs from JQ and I didn't know anything to tell him. What are the pros and cons of both?

2.) What is the easiset way to update production js libraries? Is it necessary to always have the latest version or it is just preferrable?

3.) What are the compatibility issues between JQ latest (let's say 2) and JQ 1?
Thanks, Gregor from Slovenia
Dear Kathy, are You the owner or somehow others connected to the firm Sierra Games (already I believe on Commodore or at least on old PCs)?
Wishing You all the very best, Gregor from Slovenia
9 years ago
I am at home, where I have firewall on Linux and router Linksys.
I've also tried to copy the url to browser but I always get 404.
And I am in Slovenia, Europe.
ping: unknown host

What else can I do? Always, Grega
9 years ago
Not Found

The requested URL /~ray/notes/functionalprogramming/ was not found on this server.
Apache/2.4.10 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 80

How is this possible? Love, Grega
9 years ago
Chris, the link is dead ... Please update it. Thanks, Gregor
9 years ago