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Recent posts by Fred Artes


I want use different icons for my web applications, so create different favicon.ico 16x16 and put them into


Restart tomcat, clear cache and restart firefox but I can't see my new icons !!

I don't want insert

<link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="...">

in all my pages !

Where am I doing wrong?
11 years ago
Nobody ?
is not possible ?
11 years ago
How can I display a timestamp field into a JSP without JSTL ?

This does not work

<bean:write name="timestamp" formatKey="dd/MM/yy HH:mm:ss" />
11 years ago
I have this in my jsp

Why sometimes (when I have slow connection more frequently) in my HTML code I have this ?

11 years ago

I'm using log4j for debugging in my struts 1 application

This is correct or I must define logger as static ?
11 years ago
No, same problem

I don't understand, Tomcat examples application work correctly. Only my application has problems ! But why it works fine if I start Tomcat using startup.bat ?

This is my server.xml

11 years ago

Han Jie wrote:hi Fred

Maybe you can remove your windows service of tomcat6 and re-register it.

I have done service.bat uninstall and service.bat install but nothing

Han Jie wrote:
And i want to ask you that other file tpes can be deployed in webapps and it is unzipped except *.war?

Ops, I'm a stupid
11 years ago
If I put a testApplication.rar in webapps folder and start tomcat, rar file is not unzipped
11 years ago

Misha Ver wrote:It sounds more like a problem with your application "test". Have you tried to start Tomcat without deploying this app?

I can see tomcat administration page with my application running !
The SAME application works perfectly when I start manuallt tomcat with startup.bat, so I dont' think it is an application problem !!

NOTE : I have many instances of tomcat on my machine. For this instance I changed port number in server.xml

1) <Server port="8008" shutdown="SHUTDOWN">
2) <Connector port="8085" protocol="HTTP/1.1" connectionTimeout="20000" redirectPort="8445" />
3) <Connector port="8011" protocol="AJP/1.3" redirectPort="8445" />
11 years ago
I have a problem starting tomcat 6 as a service on my windows server 2003 !

Tomcat starts correctly launching startup.bat !!
startup.bat install install correctly tomcat 6 as a service but when I run it I have this error

TestMessageResource:error=\tomcat6.0\webapps\test\properties\ (The system cannot find the path specified)

Path is correct !!!

Please help
11 years ago

Paul Sturrock wrote:
Ah, you RDP to the server and connect as admin?


Paul Sturrock wrote:
Speak to your SQL Server administrator. No point trying to guess what valid credentials could be when there is someone who could just tell you.

Server admin give me only

1) sql server url
2) db name
3) instance name
4) username
5) password

He said me that sql server is not on a domain !!
What can I ask him to solve my problem ?

Thank you very much for your help
From remote desktop access (windows xp)

computer :
username : username
password : password
I can access to sql server only with remote connection + sql server management studio (on sql server) !

Paul Sturrock wrote:
You can connect to it via SQL Server's management console using windows integrated authentication? What domain is the user you do that in?

I can't understand your questions

I can't connect to sql server with Sql Server Management Studio !
Web server (my machine) and Sql Server are on the same local network 192.168.3
New problem

Server admin change sql server authentication mode from sql to windows mode !
Web server and sql server are on different machines in same local network but not in domain !

How can I change my connection string to use windows authentication ?

I found this on jtds documentation but my sql server isn't on a domain !!!

Specifies the Windows domain to authenticate in. If present and the user name and password are provided, jTDS uses Windows (NTLM) authentication instead of the usual SQL Server authentication (i.e. the user and password provided are the domain user and password). This allows non-Windows clients to log in to servers which are only configured to accept Windoes authentication.
If the domain parameter is present but no user name and password are provided, jTDS uses its native Single-Sign-On library and logs in with the logged Windows user's credentials (for this to work one would obviously need to be on Windows, logged into a domain, and also have the SSO library installed -- consult README.SSO in the distribution on how to do this).