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Are you skilled with:
1. MS SQL Server
2. Analysis Services Cubes
3. 250 gigabytes or greater?
Are you familiar with SQL Server Analytic Services?
If you answered "yes" to these questions this is an awesome opportunity for you!

If you have a work history of contracting, we ask that you please not apply to this position. No H1B or third parties, please.

This opportunity is with a thriving young company with high energy and stimulating work environment with the feel of a start-up, yet is backed by an industry leader. This opportunity has a lot of room for growth as this company continues to prosper.

You will be part of the Data Warehouse team and will primarily be responsible for handling new report requests as well as maintaining existing reports and using Microsoft Reporting Services 2005/2008. Other tasks will include ad-hoc data requests, query tuning, Visual Sciences Web Analytics report creation, OLAP report building using Performance Point Server, SSIS package creation for ETL purposes, as well as other interesting Data Warehouse related projects.

* Work with other groups to define, produce and refine periodic reports. These reports may include information about web traffic, membership, member activities around the world, commerce, etc... and may be developed using Sql Server 2005 Reporting Services or third party tools.
* Ensure that periodic (daily, weekly and monthly) reports are delivered in a timely and accurate fashion.
* Work with other groups to define, deliver, refine, and execute ad-hoc reports as requested.

Future Responsibilities:
* Research, propose, plan and implement strategies to improve all aspects of the Warehouse and its surrounding software stack.
* Work with homegrown ETL technology written in JAVA and/or 3rd party systems such as MS SSIS.
* Work with the team on items such as DBA related work, cube creation and maintenance, ongoing optimization of the existing data structures.
* Help in developing SSIS Packages, scripts, programs, and schemas to facilitate date movement and cleansing.
* Maintain and monitor the data warehouse to ensure its proper operation, performance and availability.

* BS in Computer Science or equivalent.
* 3+ years of experience with a decent sized warehouse (> 250 GB), ETL or datamart applications.
* 3+ years of experience on SQL Server 2000/2005. Experience with another relational databases is a plus.
* Proficiency in Transact-SQL (SQL Server 2005 specific), complex queries, stored procedures, functions and other related system objects.
* Proficiency in SQL tuning, understanding optimization (index types, search arguments, covered indexes, etc.).
* Experience with report writing using Microsoft Reporting Services is essential.
* Exposure to SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) a plus.

This is a Full-Time/Permanent position.

If you are interested in joining a rapidly growing company with great people in an exciting industry, please send a resume to
[ November 17, 2008: Message edited by: Michael Kilcher ]
11 years ago
Positions open are Junior, Mid-level, Senior-level and Team Lead.

Unique opportunity right here!!!
You will be a server-side developer who has some front end [javascript, css, HTML or other] skills.

If you have a contract work history, we ask that you please not apply.
No 3rd parties no H1B's.

The people in these positions will be responsible for crafting site pages, which involves transitioning HTML/CSS cut outs by using a variety of presentation layer approaches.

The positions require a solid understanding of server-side software development, core CS fundamentals, and the ability to write Java code to create/retrieve the appropriate business objects needed for the presentation layer. Also necessary is some level of front-end development skills.

BS in Computer Science or equivalent (MS is a plus)
Web UI experience.
Large scale web application development experience is a definite plus.

Working knowledge of the following:
XSL/XML or JSPs. Velocity knowledge a plus.
Linux (or similar Unix environment)
Java (or similar object oriented programming language)
Organized, self motivated and detail oriented
Strong analytical and problem solving skills

11 years ago
Do you have Java, JSP, some Struts experience and love digital cable TV? If so, you'll want to join one of the fastest growing companies in the television industry! This large, renowned, global company is looking for someone with 2 years Java and JSP experience and 1 year Struts experience. They company pays for 100% of it's employees medical benefits!

If you have a work history of contracting, you are kindly asked to not apply to this position. No H1B or third parties, please.

You will work with a team of talented software engineers to build server-side software components for interactive television applications, and will develop these applications using Java in both a Windows and Linux environment.

* 2+ years of development experience in Java
* 2+ years of JSP experience
* 2 or more years of web server middle-tier development experience
* Familiarity with relational databases and SQL.
* BS in CS or another engineering discipline. Equivalent job experience accepted.

* Familiarity with XML and XSLT.
* Experience with Tomcat is preferable.

This position is Full-Time/Permanent Employee.

Send your resume
11 years ago