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Recent posts by Rashi Jain

Hi Paul,
I have been trying to use your etseditor to load questions as you suggested. I have loaded quite a lot of questions (1000+) but I am unable to sort them by "provider" like I can do in Inquisition. Can you help me with that?
Other than this issue, I must say that it is a really good tool

Originally posted by Kenneth Lomvey:

This is a good Idea. However, as I think there are no any author who will give the permission to you for this

Don't worry, just try to ask the permission from authors of WhizLab, PracticeLab, ExamLab, Enthuware....

FYI, I am talking about free mock exams, not commercial ones :roll: Do you have anything besides negativity ???

Originally posted by Kenneth Lomvey:

Why can't you make your own questions, instead of copying from other exams? :roll:

Thanks for understanding the problem :roll:

The issue is not new questions but increasing the value and reach of existing ones. It just another dimension. I don't want to write new questions because there are thousands available, more than enough, already. What is not there is one place and one way to access them. So I want to focus on that.
Thank you all for your responses. I will try to collect free questions after asking for permission from the authors.

Meanwhile, what is the best way to collect them? Should I just put them in a word doc or in a mock tool?
So far, I have seen that only Inquisition mock exam engine allows you the insert questions through xml file. Any other ideas?

Hello Deepak,
I have only respect for people like you who have spent their time in developing mocks and I definitely don't intend to cause any trouble.
I was only trying to add more value to the stuff that is already available freely. I am sure you will agree that trying to use all these different mocks in different formats is a pain. So I am willing to put my time and effort in collecting them in one place. What's wrong with that?
I am not using any copyrighted material. Once something is GPLed, people are free to use it however they like. GPL is not given to any particular person but to society in general. Again, if that is not true, please correct me.
Please correct me if I am wrong, but if something is GPLed, one can use it however one wants...only thing is one has to make her stuff also open/gpled. Some other licenses such as lgdl, I believe, don't even require one to release their code.
But most of them I saw were having something like GPL license. So we can use the material as we want, no?
I am interested in collecting all the free mock exam questions in one place in one format. Any suggestions?
Hello everybody!
I am new here so pardon me if this has been asked before. Is there any free mock exam that contains exam objective wise questions? I saw some free ones but they are not objective wise. Also they have few random questions. Well, I can't really complain much because hey...after all they are free...but it takes so much time to jump through all the different hoops for each mock exam provider to get to the questions....is there a place we can find all the free questions in one place?