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I was also looking for the same query and found two things:
1) .lauch file is a saved setting file for running that application/project in eclipse/IDE or say Run configuration details
so, deleting .launch file don't trouble much except some functionality like specific VM args

2) this link helped me to recollect this after a long:

Hoping this would be of help for ppl like me when they search for answer.


Wouter Oet wrote:

Dhruva Mistry wrote:i believe youi first need to initialize tum[] object with some values

He does that at line 7.

ohh yes... line 6
10 years ago
ArrayList is Collection
and Contact will be type of objects that will get stored in that ArraList
10 years ago
Hi Leather,

i believe youi first need to initialize tum[] object with some values
10 years ago
else compiler interprete this way : "method returning type is static object/variable"
10 years ago
Hi Jason,

Take your mathematical equations and make necessary literals in your code and try to put mathematical relations ie +, -, % etc and form the mathematical equation you need to implement.
10 years ago
Hi Nirjari,

Your code for static method is

which doesnt fulfil the syntax of a java method it should be like,

<access&non-access modifiers> <return-type> <method-name>

which can be fulfilled by putting the return type : "void" right before the method name. like,

and, public n static - access modifier/control
void - return type of a method
10 years ago
Hi Michael,

You needed to remove extra un imp commas after if and else statements & before the if block starts with an open curly brace. and some extra ending curly braces.
apart from that, here is the code you may need :

10 years ago
Hello RajTilaK,

Yup my doubt is that in the program flow gc() has finalize method in it but why id finalize method of string class called because in this case string class is not child class but still why string class finalize() method called

best way to call finalize() is with try-catch block, where any exception is assumed to handle, along with finally block if externally you wish to call finalize()of object.

String class doesnt have any finalize() method and, there is no guarantee of forced call to gc() runs GC - it depends upon JVM only

so, if JVM calls GC, finalize() gets called automatically but here, in your code, there is no way to call the overriden method within the class so it is not getting called.
10 years ago
Hi Nirjari,

You need to convert the command line argument ie string into int using Integer wrapper class. And that can be done by


Determines the integer value of the system property with the specified name.
The first argument is treated as the name of a system property
and If there is no property with the specified name(ie parameter passed), if the specified name is empty or null, or if the property does not have the correct numeric format, then null is returned.

*this is found at Eclipse

10 years ago

Ankit Garg wrote:When you display a PriorityQueue directly or using iterator, the ordering of elements is not guaranteed. The natural ordering is only guaranteed for peek and offer methods. Checkout the javadocs for PriorityQueue class, you'll get your answer...

Hello Ankit,

I tried this :

that resulted in [l,s,p] instead [l,p,s]

I am also confused with usage of offer() for NaturalOrder
Can you help me, please?
Hello friends,

i can't post my code but i can only give idea what i tried

i need to take values from a database field and show in choice object to choose any one of them
i have method in applet
project having some model java file to set commands and set related variables and objects
i added a command to get details from database and added database functioning method in model file

on applet file,in method i made a choice object
i call method to set command to getDetails
i code to remove all existing items from choice
i checking in for loop for the no. of records in database existing and in loop i trying to add as choice items by casting the vector object i am storing the database value to String
then i wrote code to select 1st record to select by default and the i coded to show the choice object
and after that i am adding in Panel to show on screen

i am getting : stating null-pointer exception at the code line where i call method to set command for model class

i am stuck now... any helps will be helpful
please help me

thank you all in advance
11 years ago
Thank you All a lot...
actually i solved that issue by passing values to next page and got value and parted out and then went to DB process

Thank a lot for your valuable help
11 years ago
Hello All,

i need to get updated value in a form written in jsp.
i have input tag of text type that will get value from javascript of calendar(ready made script from internet) in term of "dd-MM-yyyy hh:mm:ss" and at very next line i need to check whether the value of date selected by user is falling on weekend?

but, for this, in need updated value from input tag of type text.

i am using javascript and default value of my text is blank.

is is posible to get updated value dynamically on jsp page?

please, help me out.

Thank you all a lot in advance!

11 years ago