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Recent posts by Antriksh Verma

Hello Kaleem Anwar , Exam involves questions from each and every topic , Be sure you have deep knowledge .
Even if you solve lot of dumps , make sure you.... code code code

The level of questions in exam is very easy(Only to those who have coded and have deeper understanding) as compared to practice exams but the questions were tricky. You should be able to catch the trickier part.
Do Killer Exam series dump also , i have revised book notes thrice , practice exams and dumps(all the possible questions) thrice before taking exam

I will suggest you to learn a lotttttt during this process of preparation , only then you will enjoy getting certified !!

All the very very Best , just Focus Focus Focus ..
5 years ago
Hello Kaleem Anwar, Thanks !!

Sure , do you have Kaithey Seirra and Bert Bates SCJP Exam book , Go through it atleast 2 times first of all , Do all the Practice Exams properly , Code each and every concept , Do not leave any doubts .
Then Go for Practice Exam Book from Kaithy Seirra and Bert Bates .

All The best !
5 years ago
Hello Java geeks .. Passed Ocjp 6 exam with 100% , now i will upgrade my certification level

Let me know if i can guide you in some way , many of you must be targeting for ocjp7 or 8 , Best Wishes !!
5 years ago
Do you have any idea about laptop charger converters ?
8 years ago
Thanks Alright nice idea but i fear spoiling it every time if i keep heating it , but let me try it once ..
Anyways Do you have any idea about charger converters ?
8 years ago
You have not got my point , I have lot my HP laptop charger and iam available with Dell charger right now , is it possible can i use this charger with converter with HP Laptop .
8 years ago

Hi Folks ,
Please update me Can Dell charger be used in HP laptop with a converter , If yes then Which one .. Forgot my charger somewhere and now iam looking for other options , I need it urgent .
8 years ago
Not finding this group useful ......

Iam In Too .. Please tell me are you preparing for 1Z0-803, OCAJP 7 ?
What books you are following ? aall i know is besides scjp 6 KS & BB book , there is no book as such for these exams is that true ?
Please give elaborate syllabus for OCA 7 .

Dear Bert Bates , Have you nailed the left 5% of syllabus in OCA 7 , and please suggest if there's any specific book , so that we may not have to follow many books ,

Instant response will be Highly appreciated. Thanks !!
Hi fellas ,

Can anyone suggest from where can i get exam voucher for OCA 7 at Bangalore , what is the current price for same ?
Is there any option for re-taking exam later if one don't clear it in first attempt.

I got problem .. My Java version is 1.5

But now i have updated it to 1.6 , its working fine.

Thanks a lot for your support , Folks.