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Recent posts by Ravi Kiran Savirigana

Hi All

I do not have any prior experience on Web Services, but just know what it is.
Can some one please tell me what is the best book to learn Web Services(Note that I'm a new to this). I Want to give my DJWS in next 3 - 4 months.

When I Searched few links, they all give quite a lot of resources. I need a perfect one ;-)
Hi All
Can someone suggest me the best book on JMS - considering the fact that i' have some knowledge on EJB technology and new to JMS.
How do I start learning JMS...any certification exams on JMS??

Hi All
I just want to know how is the string buffer implemented i.e. how is it that the size of it dynamically change as we go on appending something.

10 years ago
Hi All
I wanted to invalidate session on browser refresh...or on opening the same url on other tab of the browser

Whit i thought is to declare a static int in action class, and increment it every time the action class gets hit.
So if I refresh the browser, that static variable gets initialized to 0, so that if i keep a check on the variable for its value to be 0, i can actually invalidate the session.

something like this

static int ref = 0;

in processRequest of action class,
if(ref == 1)

public void processRefresh(HttpServletRequest request) {
HttpSession session = request.getSession(false);
if(session!=null) {
System.out.println("session existing....and being invalidated in processor....");

But i'm getting some exceptions

If there is any other way, can someone help me out??

11 years ago
Hi all..
I have a problem..
I have an ear which has different war's in it.
My requirement is...i have to host an image(total 4 images - one at each hit - which actually changes in a round-robin fashion) in one war, and on clicking it, it has to go to a corresponding page in another war().
Everything is good till here,
but is there any way that we can send information from 1st war to 2nd??(like request attributes..)

Using a form and passing hidden parameters would not actually satisfy my requirement...as there would be alignment issues in the first page(war)''

how can we communicate from one war to another...?
no parameters in URL...as that is also a requirement..''

setting a cookie is one solution i found out...but there may be users who disable cookies..''

can some one please suggest ''
Hi Campbell,
Thanks for the reply...now I got it...May be...if you dont want to expose your class to others...and you want to keep it seperately ifrom your class...then Inner Class is the solution...
May be a type of security???
11 years ago
hey Campbell,
Thankyou very much for the reply. The comment i made earlier is just a guess...

But I still dont understand why, even if a class is very close to another class, why cant it be in a new class, rather than in the same class. Is there any specific reason...My doubt is ...why a new concept...if we can go with the older one...which is already a good OO approach..
11 years ago
hey Musab,
congrats man
11 years ago
I always wonder what is the actual use of Inner classes in Java.

I thought about it and came up with one use...dont know whether this is correct or not

If there is a logic that could be actually separated from another class, and if it is not worth of creating a new object...may be due to memory management...then Inner class is the solution...

Is this actually correct??

Appreciate your time on this qn.
11 years ago
Hi Vishal,
I suggest you to go with Manning EJB 3 in action. That is a very good book, which explains the topics in a very nice way. Even I'm new to EJB technology and i did not find any difficulty in reading that book.
I've actually bought that book only after taking suggestions from so many people in this community.

hey pratap
congrats man!!
Thas a pretty nice score...
Your preparation in too fast...Even i'm planning to give my exam in a month or so...started with manning..
Did you have any prior experience on EJB's..? or how would you have done it so fast

Any suggestion for me on the exam...i"m pretty new to EJB technology..

What i think is you use @Embeddable annotation to designate persistent objects that need
not have an identity(something like a primary key in DB scenario) of their own. They are simply used as convenient data holders/groupings.(Am i correct..?)
If I'm not wrong, HFEJB is for EJB 2.0, and scbcd for EJB 2.0(i.e. SCBCD 4) is not being conducted anymore.
Manning EJB in Action is for SCBCD 5 i.e. for EJB 3.0, and ejb 2.0 and ejb 3.0 has quite a lot of differences, mainly in the syntax and classes to be written.
But what i suggest is to just have a slight idea on EJB 2.0 before going to EJB 3.0...
Then you will have a correct idea of whats happening!!!

Hi Deepika,
thanks very much for the reply....As you advised, I started with EJB 3 in action...it has got my attention reading the first few pages...its written in very simple and effective way...thi is what I had the impression reading the first 2 chapters....I'll continue with it...
once again thank you amit and deepika..

Thanks, Ravi.
Hi everyone...
I'm very much new to EJB's.
Gone through the basics in the last few days...and i found it very interesting...
I'm planning to write the certification exam on this and I need help in this regard.
How do I start preparing for BCD..?
how to start...I mean what is the best reference guide for attempting the exam...please note that I'm only a fresher to this topic.
How do I practice...Those of you who already attempted the exam will have an exact idea on how to work.
Please help me in this regard.