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Recent posts by sam liya

I found that Postgress Db has json column implemented. Why relational Db need a json column?
actually i need to get the value from each callback. for example i have a list which contain 10 items. So that means there will be 10 call backs. So each call back i need to access the list and get relevant  value. For example for the 1st iteration  i need to get 1st value of list, but when callback comes the i value of iteration may changed to different value. So how do i know 1st iteration callback comes which items to get from the list?
1 month ago
I am calling Rest API using AsyncRestTemplate inside a loop. Once callback returns i need to access main thread values. But the issue is i am calling AsyncRestTemplate inside a loop as below .

inside callback i need t oaccess list values. but issue is since this runs  inside a loop when callback comes loop may in a different iteration. So how can i access the same values when i am calling exchange methos ?
2 months ago
yes, i found that i was connected  local DB, not the server DB
3 months ago
I am using Spring boot in my project. When i try to retrieve object using repository.findone method is returns null value. I already autowired the repository . I can't fine the solution yet

3 months ago
I need to uninstall ruby from my centos machine(AWS VM)
i try to get hte version of the ruby installed as below.

but when i searched any folders for named ruby as below  there is no any folders named ruby for   find / ruby

So how can i uninstalled the ruby from my machine ?
4 months ago
I have installed ruby in centos 7. Then i try to ran the tmuxinator it gives me below error. How to solve this issue?

output for ruby -v is ruby 2.2.8p477 (2017-09-14 revision 59906) [x86_64-linux

output for rpm -q ruby is ruby-

I try to remove old dependencies using rpm -e ruby , but it gives me below error. error: Failed dependencies: /usr/bin/ruby is needed by (installed) rubygems- /usr/bin/ruby is needed by (installed) ruby-irb- /usr/bin/ruby is needed by (installed) rubygem-rdoc-4.0.0-30.el7.noarch
4 months ago
I have a jason request as below, i need to get a each object from request. I can use Jackson library to get map objects, but there is a data at the beginning, due to that i am unable to get the object.
I have a int  property , i need to add a default value via annotation. I am using Spring Data JPA(Spring Boot). I tried with below, but it didn't work. is there any other way to do this ?

4 months ago
I got below error when i try to run the project. I tried to find the error using google .

5 months ago
I try to use @exceptionhandler  for exception handle as below

my problem is , how to handle all the other exception like this. Since we don't use try ,catch block here if we get any other runtime exception ?

5 months ago
I created a Hibernate application using Eclips Maven project. It works fine. Then i created a another project and import that hibernate project and try to save object from that main project. So then it give me below excetion

I have added the Hibernate.cfg.xml in the correct place in library project. So what is the reason for this
No paul, it will not generate a exception. I am using Spring with ActiveMQ using ProducerTemplate  as below. So it keep trying send the message to the broker. It will not generate exception.

Below is the what i am getting, it will not go to the exception. It wait "tepm.sendBody("direct:a", string);" line and keep trying to send message.

actually my usecase is i need to handle the broker not available situation. So i need to know the status of the broker ? i tried to find any listeners available , but not found yet?