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Recent posts by sam liya

i need to know what happens queue getting millions of messages withing few seconds. Does mq capable of handling these kind of situation ?
1 week ago
I am using activemq queue to send messages. I need to know when queue getting more messages it may get memoryout of error?
what are the ways to handle this issue ?
1 week ago
what are the differences between  jmstemplate vs producertemplate ?
both templates we can use for send JMS messages.
1 week ago
Below i use lamda and method reference to print values in a list. So what is the difference between two of the methods ?

2 weeks ago
Below is the logs when applications runs

4 weeks ago
I have created a Spring Boot application. Below is my pom.xml file.

Below is yaml file.

Seems everything ok, but when i run the project it is not creating the table "Leave in the Database.
I have Leave Entity in model project which is added in the pom.xml. Below is the Leave Entity class.

Below is the logs when i run the project.

4 weeks ago
I need to know when publisher send a one message , how all the subscribers get same message? since publisher send one message , one subscriber can consume it.
In pub/sub model one messages delivered to all the subscribers. So i need to know how it happen internally? for example when publisher send a message to topic how it sends same message to all the subscribers?
does subscriber send same message multiple time or topic send same message multiple time to subscribers?
I need to know whether JMS can send only asynchronous messages or it can send synchronous?
I am using Eclips IDE for my Java projects. So how we check the cyclomatic complexity of those projects?
1 month ago
I saw in tutorial that lamda is internally implement interface like antonymous innerclass. is it true ?
1 month ago
I need to know when should i use the filters in stream API.Because we can use loop to achieve same thing as below.

1 month ago