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Recent posts by Dinesh Jayram

Where do I get more information on this topic?

I tried to fix the above code in my program but it throws exception

Following exceptions appears while running server program

14 years ago
I have doubt in "Number.class" step Rob.

Return type of "Number.class" is Class. how and where the ".class" method is called.
14 years ago
I want to know what exactly processed during the execution of this code

Particularly in "Number.class" what is happening here.

Even though my query is not related to this topic, clarify me regarding this issue.
14 years ago
the primary constraint in my project is "The folder should not be shared."

Moreover i am using windows xp, Is there any command line commands to send file between two systems?
14 years ago
Java Web Start is based on server-client technology. As far as i know in java web start, the client have to
click a link to get downloaded particular file. But I want the server system to send files to the client systems
using IP address.

Is it possible in JWS?
14 years ago
I am working on it, i have downloaded the "jsch-0.1.41" file and added to my project, and
trying to execute the programs in example folder. But still its not working.

As soon as i got executed the program i ll get back to you.

thank you Martijn.

14 years ago
I am working with SCP.

One doubt Is SCP works fine in TCP environment?
14 years ago
I am looking for file transfer without client-server terminology
14 years ago

normal network setup with 15 computers connected.

I tried java.io, it works when the drive or folder is shared.

I want to move the file without sharing any folder or drive
14 years ago
Is it possible to move a jar file to a network system without using client-server technology.

I am having a xyz.jar in my system, i want to pass this file to a system in local network. All computers
in the network are not shared. Guide me which package, framework i have to work to get it done

14 years ago
Hi everybody

I am working with multimedia representation in mobiles. So far I found, SMIL(Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) is like a xml used to represent multimedia object in normal computers.

I want to embedd a smil file into my J2me coding or a MIDP device, suggest me how to implement this embedding.

Or else i have to try for XHTML.

Drive me ideas regarding this issue.


15 years ago
Thanks for your reply Tim Holloway

Actually i have came across importing java classes in midlet, thats what i questioned here

Can you suggest any material regarding this issue?

15 years ago
I am new to J2ME i am having problem in compiling. I have included
java.io.File to my midlet. But it shows importing problem.

Following code retrives filenames in some folder

Suggest me any study material regarding this issue
15 years ago
Thanks Michael Dunn I used your code for my project
15 years ago
Thanks Jelle

I ll go with 'p2psockets' of JXTA to implement this.

Am I choose the right the correct one Jelle?