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SCEA - Assignment submission

One of the key requirement for the Class Diagram is the "Class/EJB level details" are required. However I a bit confused as to what level of EJB needs to be documented in the Class Diagram?

I have marked @Entity and @SessionBean on the classes. I am assuming in EJB 3 that is probably the only details you will ever need. The "persistence.xml" will take care of the rest. However I do come up across topics where people have failed because of insufficient level of detail in the EJB level. Could someone point me to what is the level of EJB details required in the class diagram?
Dear All,
After browsing through the forum I am a bit confused about the level of detail required for Assignment Part 2 of the exam.

1) I was of the impression that the level of detail from Mark Cade was probably going to be just enough, however I find that it is quite high level. Browsing through the forum I find a lot of people have provided extremely detailed and low level details (almost down to code). My deployment diagram infact looks very similar to the one in the Mark Cade assignment.

2) I am using visio for all my diagrams, What is the best format to export to? I was going to export it as a gif/png(???) and then hand-write an index.html that links to all these images with some explanatory text. Can someone confirm if this will be sufficient?
I downloaded the assignment and printed but I was only able to print 3 out of 4 pages and now the assignment has expired.

I am now missing the marking section (which is there in page 4). Please can someone paste me the marking section. I can see a minimum of 114 required but cant see the individual sections
Dear All,
I still have the chicken or egg question. So I did Part 1 in prometric, downloaded the assignment and have to do Part 3 in Pearson after June1

1) I registered with Prometric, the details migrated correctly, I get the Oracle testing ID SR277**** in Prometric. I am planning to submit assignment in 3-4 weeks time. Should I go ahead and register for the essay exam? Or should I submit assignment first. I have seen two links saying the opposite things. So which one is first, the submission or the essay.

2) Can I also please ask what software/website are people using for Design diagrams etc? I was thinking of using gliffy.com but I just wanted to hear the tools that people use here.
When I go to the SUN website for purchasing my exam/voucher, I get a message that this certification is now administered from the Oracle University. So can someone tell me where can I purchase the exam voucher for all three portions of this exam in the UK specifically?

I tried the OTN links but I feel it is like searching for a needle in a haystack.
Yes I have googled and I have also read https://coderanch.com/t/329533/Java-General-advanced/java/Connecting-Active-Directory-using-LDAP before asking this question. My simple LDAP Java code,

throws an error "javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: [LDAP: error code 32 - 0000208D: NameErr: DSID-031001A8, problem 2001 (NO_OBJECT), data 0, best match of:
'' and I dont know why. The url https://coderanch.com/t/329533/Java-General-advanced/java/Connecting-Active-Directory-using-LDAP seems to discuss about this but at one point a poster "Heather Rose" says "Alright, so I got Active directory to work with a sample project, but I can't get it to work when I integrate it with my own project". So there is no actual solution prescribed there. Can someone please help?

FYI there is already a php application that works with same configuration and it does not use SSL. (the server does not use SSL as well)
13 years ago
Hi Guys,
I have uploaded my assignment for SCJD to the sun website and I am waiting to take my exam next weekend.

1) Can someone post some sample questions they would ask in this exam ?
2) Please point me to existing threads in this forums (I couldnt search for any) if they exist
3) Also what are the things that I would have to explicity prepare? Right now I think a complete knowledge of the code I wrote should be sufficient but is there more?
4) I think the questions are descriptive and not objective. Can someone give general guidelines as to how long an answer should be etc?

Can we also put these things in http://faq.javaranch.com/java/ScjdFaq please?
What exactly is the jar ? I am running into this issue and Can you tell me a solution please?
13 years ago
I also understand that J2EE Web Services (Paperback) by Richard Monson-Haefel (Author) book is great. But is this geared towards a certification preparation or is it more about webservices in general? I ask this because I have been working on webservices for a while but I would like to know if there is a book available which prepares you from a certification point of view.
Hi Guys,
I want to know ONE book to read for this certification. Now before you inundate me with "I am so lazy" tags,

I am asking this question after reading
and most importantly a spate of links available at

I will be mostly offline and I am looking at Paper Bound Books which will help me in preparing for this exam. For SCJP I had "SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 5 Study Guide" by Katherine Sierra (Author), Bert Bates (Author) and for SCJD I had a book titled "SCJD Exam with J2SE 5, Second Edition (Expert's Voice in Java) (Paperback)" by Andrew; Camerlengo, Terry Monkhouse (Author). I ended up reading a lot of online content towards the end of my certification. However, during the initial phases I found these books which have an exam oriented kinda preparation to be very useful. Does SCDJWS have a similar one-stop-shop (that covers almost everything) ?

I found a book at SCJDWS Book but apparently that book isnt available? Can someone suggest some books or tell me how the book I mentioned above is?
I am doing the Bodgitt and Scarper application and I understand that we have to upload our assignment as a single jar (Lets call it "contractor.jar"). My instructions say that, the jar should contain a "runme.jar" which contains the executables and it also says that

When you submit your assignment, each part (client and server) must be executable using a command of this exact form:
java -jar <path_and_filename> [<mode>]

Now I dont get what <path_and_filename> means? Is that for the runme.jar or the contractor.jar? Because contractor.jar is going to have all docs, userguide and runme.jar. In runme.jar I have added the "Main-Class" manifest entry and running it should be fine.

My question is will SUN run the "runme.jar" after extracting it from "contractor.jar" or will they run "contractor.jar" directly (which will be weird since it has all docs, userguide etc) ?
No I am not asking for blatant answers. I am doing the Bodgitt and Scarper LLC application and I have written my choices.txt and userguide.html

I wanted to know if someone has some sample formats of choices.txt and userguide.html that I could compare it with (preferably for a different problem). I feel my documentation is being too lengthy and heavily formatted and I would like to know what other people have done in this regard
Old Posts

There are some posts discussed above but thought I will finally document and check. For the RMIC I have a line saying that we should download any additional classes. I have an ant script to package my code into the final jar (so that I do all code, docs packaging etc). I wont be shipping this ant script though.

For rmic, I have two remote classes in my code path (One remote object and the other the factory). I just run rmic on these two classes and I add these classes to the jar (runme.jar) in the same package level.

So I get,
DBRemoteDBImpl.class and two more classes to go with it viz,

DBRemoteFactoryImpl.class and two more classes

Can someone tell me if that is it? I attach the stub and skel classes and that is it?
Spot on Attila. That was the exact solution I came up with.

DB is the standard interface (which unfortunately doesnt throw IOException or RemoteException)

If DBRemote extends DB then that is when problem arises in that any implementation of DBRemote cant be exported.

DBRemote - does not extend DB but copy over all methods in DB and alter the signature to throw RemoteException
DBRemoteImpl extends UnicastRemoteObject implements DBRemote - and show can be exported (It has a DB object of instance DBImpl to which it delegates to)
DBAdapter implements DB - And is constructed with a DBRemote object. So it calls the corresponding methods on DBRemote and catches RemoteExcpetion only to rethrow it back

Round about, but probably the only elegant way of doing it