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Recent posts by Madan Mohan

thanks for your reply.....

Well actually I am going to use IDAPI with my third party right now I am developing the third party application with basic requirement like login.jsp page once this page gets authienticated I should get a page wherein I should be getting options page...but my primary requirement is my user should get authenitcated do i go about it please let me know
12 years ago
Hello Users,

I am very new to this please excuse me if my question sound an idiotic one.

well, I want to design an application using tomcat application server.....but I dont know how am i going to proceed with the same.

I have designed a login.jsp page, and error.jsp page. now what is next.

how and where do I map the users?

12 years ago
I changed the class name ..its still not compiling....

what do you mean by define a constructor...i belive in API such constructor should already be in place



I am not able to compile the following code...can anyone tell ...what is the issue....

Hey Punit...

I am sorry but I am yet not clear on what you are trying to convey

Best Regards
Hello Genius,

I am referring Kathy & Sierra Book. I am stuck with a question on a assingment chapters' Self Test.
It has a following code...

What is the result :
A. Many
B. A few
C. Compilation fails.

answer C is correct and book has following explanation for this


compilation fails. The var-args declaration is fine, but invade takes a short, so the argument 7 need to be cast to a short. with the cast, the answer is B, 'a few'

i dont understand y the compilation is failing and why do we have to cast it....argument 7 is well within the range of short limit.
and even if we require to cast how would we do it .

any help is much appreciated

can somebody send me the link to download jdk 1.6
thanks in advance
12 years ago
hello ,

could someone please tell me the diffirence between JRE and JDK

12 years ago
hello Genius,

Could anyone please explain me this code.. how the invocation is gonna happen...

ohh i amm so sorry for not using code. thanks for the help.

thanks a ton
Hey punit,

i wrongly printed the code...could you now tell me where the error is?

many thanks
sorry frends...

i wrongly printed the code ....the code is as follows

public class SerializationDemo{
public static void main(String args[])
MyClass object1 = new MyClass("Hello",-7,2.7e10);
System.out.println("Object : " +object1);

catch(Exception e){
System.out.println("Exception during serialization : " +e);


class MyClass implements Serializable{

String s;
int i;
double d;

public MyClass(String s , int i, double d){


public String toString(){

return "s=" + s + "; i=" + i + " ; d=" +d;

while compling this is giving me an error msg " ; expected"

can anyone catch where the error is occuring...
thanks guys....even i could make out that...but what i am not able to Understand here is why everyconstructor in the class and super class is being called .... i think constructor should be overloaded based on the call...but here i see that all the constructor with diffirent arguments are being invoked...why so... please explain...
class Cube {

int length;
int breadth;
int height;
public int getVolume() {
return (length * breadth * height);
Cube() {
this(10, 10);
System.out.println("Finished with Default Constructor of Cube");
Cube(int l, int b) {
System.out.println("Finished with Parameterized Constructor having2 params of Cube");
Cube(int l, int b, int h) {
length = l;
breadth = b;
height = h;
System.out.println("Finished with Parameterized Constructor having params of Cube");

public class SpecialCube extends Cube {

int weight;
SpecialCube() {
weight = 10;
SpecialCube(int l, int b) {
this(l, b, 10);

System.out.println("Finished with Parameterized Constructor having2 params of SpecialCube");
SpecialCube(int l, int b, int h) {
super(l, b, h);
weight =20;
System.out.println("Finished with Parameterized Constructor having3 params of SpecialCube");
public static void main(String[] args) {
SpecialCube specialObj1 = new SpecialCube();
SpecialCube specialObj2 = new SpecialCube(10, 20);
System.out.println("Volume of SpecialCube1 is : "+ specialObj1.getVolume());
System.out.println("Weight of SpecialCube1 is : "+ specialObj1.weight);
System.out.println("Volume of SpecialCube2 is : "+ specialObj2.getVolume());
System.out.println("Weight of SpecialCube2 is : "+ specialObj2.weight);

output is

Finished with Parameterized Constructor having 3 params of SpecialCube
Finished with Parameterized Constructor having 2 params of SpecialCube
Volume of SpecialCube1 is : 1000
Weight of SpecialCube1 is : 10
Volume of SpecialCube2 is : 2000
Weight of SpecialCube2 is : 20

could someone please explain me how :"Weight of SpecialCube2 is : 20" is coming...

will appreciate any help from the core....