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Recent posts by Pradip Bhattacharya

I will also recommend GCC. And IDE can be anything from Notepad++ to eclipse . I would highly recommend to use Makefile as it will you help in understanding the building process. Check out this link for makefile tutorial. It explains basics of makefile and gcc
10 years ago
I am not trying to hijack the thread. Just want to give my opinion on what Natasha wrote

Natasha Jar wrote:For example forget using OpenGL with Java.

Its just a matter of writing appropriate java bindings. I have used JOGL and Android Java OpenglES interface, they are pretty good. And currently I am not aware of any CUDA binding. But it should be relatively easy once you know CUDA.
I think its inappropriate to draw comparisons between two languages based on the availability of OpenGL/CUDA support.

11 years ago

pete stein wrote:NO! Not the evil empire! (joking!)

I can understand why you termed it as an 'evil empire' . But its really an excellent IDE. Good code highlighting,debugging.
And I love Notepad++. Used it in numerous projects. From web development to game development.
11 years ago
if you just want to learn C and your are using windows, then you can go for Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition (which is for free) .
11 years ago
With JNI you can use native code with Java
11 years ago
Hi Vyas,
Actually choice of language is influenced by factors like:
1. Language that all your team members are comfortable with.
2. Existing technology that the company is using.
3. Easy for developing prototypes
4. Mandatory language for the targeted platform
(this is all that came to my mind while writing this reply)

I work in a mobile gaming company where we develop mobile games for numerous platforms. To be honest I simply love Java and C++. My choice of language depends upon the targeted mobile phone. But whenever I need to test out an algorithm or need to make some prototype, I use Java. For server side programming I again use Java because I love Servlets/JSP. It takes care of most the headaches.
Still there are some parts of the code which needs to be written in C,C++ when every single CPU cycle and every single byte becomes important .
11 years ago
congrats geeta
which book did you refer for SCWCD
11 years ago
I would recommend you to read "SSL & TLS Essentials: Securing the Web". Its an excellent book explaining SSL.
Hi Irtiza,

I learnt Servlets and JSP from Head First Servlets & JSP. Its a great book. Trust me you will love this book.
11 years ago
If you are frustrated with support and the odd working hours then i think you should talk to your superiors to give some other development work which you like. And if they are not giving you what you want then you start looking for some other job .
Promotion depends on your skills. And trust me if you are good then you will get it because every company needs good people to earn money for them .
11 years ago
congrats sonali...
12 years ago
Hi ranchers,

cricket game iphone - youtube

Please have a look at the video of this cricket game developed for iPhone. It is basically scoring only 4s and 6s, hence it is very fast.
It has been developed using C++ and OpenGL ES. I must say one thing..... IPhone is really very fast.

I am one of the programmers.

P.S. I hope I am not violating any rules of by posting a promotional post.

12 years ago
how can same person have multiple IPs ?
12 years ago
I am not sure whether this is the right place to post this question or not.

I need to make a client-server application where the client will log in for some service. Whenever the client logs in the server will provide a unique number to the client, this number will help the server to identify a client. I was wondering what would be the best way to generate this unique number. Should I use IP address of the client to generate this number or not. Please do let me know about your ideas/suggestion and if possible any good literature that I can refer to.
12 years ago